It is common for motivation to dip at the workplace as employees start struggling to keep up their productivity levels, but this can always be changed. There are certain tips you can follow to keep yourself and your team motivated every day.

These tips are applicable across most industries and can be applied in franchises, small establishments, the Fortune 500 companies, and budding startups. Let’s get started with the most important tip that can change everything: employee recognition.

1) Offer Recognition

Most employees are working for more than just a paycheck, and they seek recognition from their employers. Sometimes all they want is a pat on the back from the higher ups to boost their morale and improve productivity. If an employee’s hard produce exceptional results without being noticed by the higher ups, he/she would start feeling like dead weight.

Sometimes, a pat on the back isn’t enough. You need to do something significant to recognize their contribution. Start by treating your employees as valuable team members, not just another cog in a machine that can be replaced at anytime.

2) Set Small, Achievable Targets

Nothing is more demoralizing than working on a project that seems to have no end in sight. A great way to maximize productivity is to set small, achievable goals that help your employees measure their progress. A clear indication of where they are and where they ought to be can make all the difference. Every time they tick something off their ‘to-do’ list, they will get an instant boost of motivation.

If you go one step further and start celebrating these achievements, then you can motivate your employees even more.

3) Celebrate the Achievement of Targets

Whenever your employees achieve something or finish a project on a high note, make it a point to celebrate their hard work otherwise their motivation will go out with a puff. Something as simple as a ‘thank you’ note will suffice. The trick is to let your employees know how much you value their contributions.

The key is to remain specific about what you’re praising, so don’t just tell them that they did a ‘good job.’ Praise them by going into specifics about the project, such as their approach, the methods they utilized, and most of all, the results they achieved. Try to talk about the positive results that your employee’s efforts produced. This, of course, requires your employees to really have outdone themselves.

4) Encourage Taking Regular Breaks

This cannot be stressed enough. Even the most committed employee will eventually experience burnout. It is extremely important to take regular breaks when working on a project. It is important for your employees to step back and take a breather in order to stay motivated and maintain their health.

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