Aca Individual Mandate.

The ACA Individual Mandate

Photo of phrases and magnifying glass that indicate confusion and clarity with the aca individual mandate.The Affordable Care Act individual mandate requires that everyone have qualified health insurance.  Individuals can have qualifying coverage through their employer, or through an individual policy.   For instances of qualifying coverage, visit our page on Healthcare Reform.  In any case, non-compliance of the ACA may result in a tax penalty for individuals.  For example, read below.

Penalty:  If  you do not have qualifying health insurance, the tax penalty will be $695 for adults.  Additionally, the penalty is $347.50 for each child.  However, the maximum family penalty is the greater of 2.5% of income, or three times the adult penalty, which is $2,085.  Accordingly, your penalty will be applied on your annual tax return.

Do you need additional help  understanding the Individual Mandate?  We can help.

First, we help you understand the ACA.  Then, we will shop carriers and enroll you in an affordable health plan.  We work with top carriers, both on the open market and in the Health Insurance Marketplace.  Thus, if you qualify for a premium subsidy, we can also help you secure your tax credit. As a result, you will have affordable insurance that keeps you in compliance with healthcare reform.  Visit our Individual Insurance page for more information.  Or, fill out the form below.  Then, we will contact you.

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