18 09, 2018

Enable Your Employees To Make Better Use Of Benefit Program

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Companies are at war to acquire top talent in the industry. But your job doesn’t end when the employee signs on the dotted line; in fact, the real challenge has only just begun.

Necessary steps need to be taken in order to engage and retain the employee. 83 percent of employees find employee retention a serious challenge. However, 55 percent of employers believe that with improved engagement, employees can be retained. […]

17 09, 2018

How To Improve And Manage Your Benefits Program

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Industry leaders are known for their cutting-edge business strategies, operations and competitive employee benefits programs. Employers use their benefits plan as a tool to attract, retain and acquire employees.

Along with comprehensive design, communication and management also play a crucial role in the success of a benefits program.

Managing a result-oriented benefit plan can be a demanding job, but with these tips, you can streamline your processes. […]

12 09, 2018

4 Signs It’s Time To Redesign Your Employee Benefit Program

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You can’t offer a cookie cutter, generic employee benefit plan to employees and expect job satisfaction.

Change in employees’ needs, inflation, and market trend have an impact on your compensation and benefit package each year.

Your package might have been attractive for the past few years, but in order to resonate with the current market, amendments are required. […]

10 09, 2018

How To Attract Quality Candidates With Attractive Benefits?

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The job market is getting competitive over the years. Employers are in need of top talent that can meet the challenging demands of this ever-changing business environment.

Organizations struggle to attract skilled candidate pools.

A survey conducted by Glassdoor indicated that 60 percent of candidates strongly consider employee benefits offered when accepting a job offer. In addition to this, 80 percent of employees showed more inclination toward additional benefits, over a pay increase. […]

6 09, 2018

What To Consider When Designing Employee Benefit Program?

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You don’t have to go above and beyond to retain employees; providing essential benefits can do the job for you.

When talking about employee benefits, the million-dollar question is: what can employers offer?

A successful employee benefit plan requires a lot of research and planning. 49 percent of employees use employee benefits as a way to determine employer’s investment or interest in employee wellbeing.

Therefore, have a multi-dimensional approach in designing of an employee benefit program. Here are some key aspects you need […]

5 09, 2018

6 Simple Ways To Invest In Your Employees And Reduce Turnover Ratio

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In order to keep your business a going concern, it’s essential that a cohesive employee development and engagement program is created.

A Gallup survey indicated that around 51 percent of employees are disengaged at their current workplace. This lack of employee-employer interaction can translate into an increase in turnover ratio.

Keep in mind, employees are a business asset; if you invest in their development now, they’ll contribute to your business profitability in the future. By keeping your workforce engaged, a better and […]

4 09, 2018

5 Signs Your Benefits Technology Is Outdated

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It’s natural for businesses to grow and expand with time, which makes legacy systems/processes and technology outdated and irrelevant. Systems become outdated due to multiple reasons—introduction of new technology, merger and acquisition, and economic changes.

When there is a significant change in the job market dynamics and economy, policies and benefit programs need to be updated. Keeping up with the industrial benchmark improves your market reputation, retains employees, attracts new candidates and boosts morale and employee satisfaction.

Here are 3 signs that […]

28 08, 2018

How Has Technology Impacted Employee Benefits?

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Gone are the days when employers struggled with effective communication and educating employees about the benefits they offered.

As technology evolved and advanced, communicating benefits with employees became a simpler process. It’s affected the way we create, choose and enroll benefit programs.

Previously, the only way candidates could learn about benefits companies offered was during interviews. Now, thanks to technology, gathering information about an organization has become much easier.

This has allowed job candidates to make better decisions before applying for certain jobs.

With […]

16 08, 2018

How to Design an Effective Benefits Program

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An employee benefits package doesn’t categorize as luxury, it’s a necessity in the corporate environment.  Benefits are valuable for both employers and employees.

Employees want benefits for improving their living standards, while employers offer benefits packages to attract and retain the best talent around.

However, in spite of their countless advantages, creating a benefits package is no easy feat. It requires in-depth research and extensive planning and preparation to create a benefits plan for an organization, whether small or large. Without planning […]

14 08, 2018

Top 3 Employee Benefits In The Tech Industry

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Tech companies are synonymous for offering amazing employee benefits that are best-in-class and attract highly-qualified talent. To speed up your hiring time, offer top-of-the line benefits that will not only give you a competitive advantage, but also enable you to hire and retain talented employees.

Here are some of best employee benefits being offered by tech companies and start ups around the world: […]

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