23 01, 2019

How to Improve the Recruitment Process

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Your recruitment process doesn’t just end at hiring a new recruit. Designing effective policies helps you retain the new candidate for several years. Most employers starting out early would be hard pressed to find suitable employees who share in their company’s vision. It is not an easy task to find great candidates and retain them for the long term. Most people simply move on because they find a better opportunity elsewhere. […]

31 12, 2018

The Importance of Work Culture and HR’s Crucial Role

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When employees begin to spend a significant portion of their lives in their work, the environment and overall work culture begins to play an important role in their job satisfaction and productivity. If the increased globalization has taught corporations anything of value, it’s that work culture is now as important as the employees working at the company. […]

27 12, 2018

Essential Tech Skills Your HR Department Needs Today

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As the world becomes increasingly digital, the problems that it faces adopt newer shapes and sizes.

The flow of information has changed, and if you don’t learn and adapt, the tide will sweep you right under it. There are several modes of exchanging information, including mobiles, computer devices and more dominantly, the cloud. […]

25 12, 2018

The Disconnect Between HR and Employees

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HR professionals are constantly trying to find the effective sauce that drives the bottom line, but in their attempts to keep higher ups happy, they miss out on the secret ingredient of success: their employees.

It’s important to realize that reaching organizational goals is only possible if both employees and employers are on the same page. If success stories of corporations tell us one thing, it’s that success is driven by employee satisfaction; which could also be shown […]

19 12, 2018

Things to Consider Before Designing your HR Policy

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A good Human Resource employee policy acts as a conduit for achieving positive company culture within your organization. HR policies are often the need of the hour in organizations because they set in place different rules that should be taken care of. The rules and standards set by the HR department in the employee handbook act as the guiding force to employee behavior in the organization.

Based on its importance, you should be extremely careful while crafting the policy for your […]

18 12, 2018

The Perfect HR Policy for Anger Management

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Have you ever been in an organization or in a meeting where an employee just ‘lost’ it and went on an angry tirade against the company? If you ever have been part of such an organization or a meeting, you would know the impact of such behavior and how it can create a ripple effect of sorts on other employees.

Once throwing a tantrum becomes a norm for having your way in the organization, tempers are flared up and the culture […]

12 12, 2018

Perfect Ways to Attract and Keep Millennial Workers

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Millennials are expected to make up roughly 50 percent of the entire workforce by 2020. These young men and women are going to be sought out by CEOs across the globe in no time, which is why strategies need to be made to ensure that your workplace offers the right working environment to them. […]

10 12, 2018

Improving Employee Recruitment and Retention with Health Benefits

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As the cost of healthcare increases across the United States, employees are facing growing financial burdens. After a tiring day, employees have to adjust for their healthcare expenses themselves and face financial complications that can hinder their performance at work. […]

4 12, 2018

Effectively Dealing with an Angry Employee

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Working in the HR department, you should, at all times, be ready to handle a disgruntled employee who is not able to contain their anger. As a trained HR professional, you should try your best to ensure that the situation is handled perfectly, without aggravating the pain of the employee.

Such sensitive issues, when wrongly handled, can lead to many bigger problems down the line. So, you should take it upon yourself to think of a solution and to pacify the […]

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