4 12, 2018

Effectively Dealing with an Angry Employee

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Working in the HR department, you should, at all times, be ready to handle a disgruntled employee who is not able to contain their anger. As a trained HR professional, you should try your best to ensure that the situation is handled perfectly, without aggravating the pain of the employee.

Such sensitive issues, when wrongly handled, can lead to many bigger problems down the line. So, you should take it upon yourself to think of a solution and to pacify the […]

3 12, 2018

Brilliant Things Companies Do to Make Their Employees Feel Better

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Employee satisfaction is of paramount importance for organizations nowadays. Companies in today’s world treat employees as assets that will only give their best when they are well-oiled and are given the environment and the satisfaction they deserve. In consideration of this, most of these organizations have numerous plans in place to make employees feel better.

Here are some of them: […]

20 11, 2018

Employee Satisfaction versus Employee Engagement

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The makeup of hiring people for jobs is changing: on the one hand there are firms offering jobs and on the other hand there are hopeful candidates. But the arena is no longer littered with people hunting for jobs and grabbing the ones they can get at the first chance that is presented to them. […]

29 10, 2018

6 Simple Ways for Creating an Employee Handbook

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“Treat employees like they make a difference and they will.” – Jim Goodnight.

Imagine working in an organization where every employee is happy, satisfied, and absolutely in love with the work they do.

While that probably seems like a far-fetched dream, it’s not impossible to create a professional environment that’s stress-free and encourages employees to explore their creative endeavors. […]

23 10, 2018

Making the Most of Your Employee Handbook: Dos and Don’t

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The Employee Handbook plays a crucial role in providing direction and support to your Human Resource function. It’s the first document your HR needs to draft and distribute across the organization. Employee handbook is the guiding light that navigates workers, managers and owners through different workplace scenario.

This handbook outlines rules, business processes and procedures, workplace behavior, norms, and standard reporting procedures. Your handbook should be easy-to-comprehend and accessible to everyone within the organization.

But are you making certain mistakes that are […]

10 10, 2018

Attractive Employer Branding Features That Every Business Should Adopt

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Every strong employer brand consists of characteristics that make the company distinct. Employer branding helps companies attract and retain top talent while standing out from competitors.

Whenever a prospective employee is faced with the decision to accept or reject an offer from your firm, everything they’ve ever heard or seen about your company will impact their decision.

Companies that have a strong employer brand enjoy reduced cost-per-hire and attract triple the amount of candidates for every vacancy.

Here are the top 3 features […]

9 10, 2018

Will A Four-Day Work Week Make Your Employees More Productive?

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A 4-day work week has become the centre of much speculation and fascination ever since it was tested by a New Zealand firm called Perpectual Guardian. Inspired by a 2016 survey that took place in UK, the founder of Perpetual Guardian, Andrew Barnes decided to experiment the novel idea on his workforce.

The UK survey that was conducted on 1,989 employees revealed that employees usually get sidetracked by off-work discussions and social media during work, rendering them productive for […]

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