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Plan analysis design.

Plan Design

Intelligent plan analysis design, implementation, and a timely renewal strategy are all part of our core capabilities.  Additionally, we are commited to becoming strategic partners with our clients.  In partnering with you, we take the time to get to know you.  We believe this important step creates continuity and accountability.  And, it helps us to fully understand your needs.

As your HR partner, we will perform a rigorous behind the scenes process.  This process is designed to help us customize solutions that save you the most time and money. And, we can achieve these results while significantly enhancing your benefit offering.

  • We perform a sophisticated analytical review of your current benefit offering.  Thus, this includes reviewing voluntary benefits, life and disability programs, executive benefits and more.  Accordingly, we identify risk and looks for ways to enhance the benefit offering while minimizing cost.
  • We’ll perform a complete market analysis and conduct carrier negotiations on your behalf.  And, we work with more than 30 of the industry’s finest carriers to bring you a wide range of plans featuring options and pricing packages.
  • We also perform physician and network analysis.  And, we will leverage our strong relationship with our vendors to get the best price on services.

We perform intelligent plan analysis design. However, that is only half of our job.

We continue the process with dedicated and thorough customer service.  Thus, our dedicated team will help you streamline the administration of your health and welfare benefits.

Click below to learn more about the various group benefits we offer and how they typically work. We are happy to consult with you and plan analysis design to develop your perfect benefit package.

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