The normal work environment, characterized by manic and restless hours, can easily result in very high stress levels that can quite easily suppress the inspiration and focus of even the most workaholic of people, taking a toll on their knack for creative ideas. It is a well known fact that creativity is extremely important to businesses, especially now, more so than ever before, given how competitive businesses have become. It is important for HR staff to get their workers into the right frame of mind and generate inventive and innovative ideas.

According to researchers from Erasmus University, investing just 10 minutes of their daily time to take part in a ‘meditation’ session can help to generate a diverse array of original ideas.

They found that in those 10 minutes, the staff were able to generate a 22% wider range of ideas, compared to those who faked their meditation session and not really involving themselves into it. When participants were asked to present their business ideas which could be used to find creative uses for drone technology, one third had a ten minute guided meditation session which required them to listen to recorded instructions, one third went through a fake meditation session and the rest were told to simply relax and allow their thought to ‘flow freely’.

The number of ideas produced by each group was the same, but it was found that the group which took part in guided meditation sessions managed to produce ideas which were more qualitative, innovative and creative.

This wider set of ideas allowed them to extend the use of drone technologies into various niche areas such as washing windows, digging up explosive mines and even feeding tall animals such as giraffes. These highly creative ideas could only have originated from a mind which was free from stress. This could only have been possible with the use of the 10 minute meditation session to help with the creative thought process.

The group of researchers then repeated this experiment with 24 senior managers. The mangers were asked to come up with innovative ways to make their existing office culture more inclusive to other people. After 10 minutes of a guided meditation session, the managers managed to come up with a diverse range of interesting ideas. This included changing departments for a week to help understand and empathize with other cultures.

So why do these mindfulness exercises work at all? The answer has a lot more to do with the psychological nature of the human brain. We need to bring our attention to the experiences occurring in the present – not in the future.  Most senior level managers spend too much of their time thinking about the uncertainty of what the future might await, instead of thinking about the present.

By using meditation techniques, they were not only able to reduce their stress levels but also allow their brains to think more openly to welcome creative solutions.

Exploring new ideas is a proven way of improving the bottom line of your organization and it doesn’t require much in the way of capital investment – just 10 minutes of your time, doing useful meditation sessions.

The thesis of this research work can be found in more detail at this link.

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