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Online HR Resources

If you are a client of JS Benefits Group, you’ll have access to award winning, online tools that are helpful in the management of employee benefits programs. HR managers and business owners are able to connect with expert HR professionals for assistance, when needed.  Additionally, they can access resources that are designed to increase efficiency, streamline compliance, and keep employees productive.  In fact, we are serious about making sure our clients have access to expert HR assistance when they need it, and we have invested two of the most trusted HR resources and consulting services used by hundreds of thousands of users nationwide, ThinkHR and HR360.

Developed by HR and legal professionals, ThinkHR and HR360 provide the help you need.

  • You and your HR manager can use our online resources on your desktop, or through the mobile app!

  • You have access to HR policies, forms, regulations, best practices, audit checklist, employee handbook and more.  Rest assured, all drafted by HR and legal pros!
  • Need help with a compliance problem?  Initiate a live chat or team up with a Certified HR Pro to strategize a solution.
  • Subscribe to the HR newsletter and get other regulatory alerts in real time, to stay up-to-date on whats happening in the industry.
  • Sign up for training webinars that cover substance abuse and other wellness issues. Learn best practices for workplace safety.  Review sexual harassment and workplace violence laws.  Get help with recruitment, project management, compensation, benefits, and more.
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