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17 01, 2019

The 3 HR Pitfalls All Small Businesses Should Avoid

By |2019-01-02T05:16:14+00:00January 17th, 2019|Categories: Workplace|

Small businesses power the economy and account for over 99 percent of all businesses in the US, providing jobs to over 48 percent of American people. Least to say, small businesses are pivotal to the continued growth of the economy. Unfortunately, most businesses do not survive the first few years of operation because they encounter numerous problems such as fierce competition, regulatory issues, operational costs and high employee turnover. […]

16 01, 2019

The 6 Advantages of Giving Flexible Work Hours to Employees

By |2019-01-02T05:12:43+00:00January 16th, 2019|Categories: Workplace|

Having a flexible work schedule is when employees work from home during certain days, take a few hours off from work, or just compress their work days. Flexible work hours are considered to be a luxury afforded only by tech giants like Google and Netflix, yet technology has enabled employees from all industries to work at a more relaxed pace than before. […]

15 01, 2019

Creating Gender Equality in the Workplace

By |2018-12-31T02:25:27+00:00January 15th, 2019|Categories: Workplace|

In the past couple of years, many improvements been made to address the problem of gender inequality in the workplace. Female employees were often given significantly less salary packages and benefits than their male colleagues, simply because of the notion that they weren’t competitive enough. They were underrepresented at senior management roles because of a lower opinion of their abilities. […]

14 01, 2019

Employee Benefits for Part Time Workers

By |2018-12-31T02:19:23+00:00January 14th, 2019|Categories: Employee Benefits|

Small business owners often have a hard time giving benefits to full time employees, and the concept of giving benefits to part-timers never even crops up. Federal regulations give US employers a little flexibility when it comes to offering employee benefits to part-timer employees.

The legal definition of a part-time worker is any employee who is working from a few hours up to 40 hours per week. The general definition is subject to a few changes depending on which state you’re […]

11 01, 2019

Reasons Employees Don’t Participate in Wellness Programs

By |2018-12-31T02:09:11+00:00January 11th, 2019|Categories: Wellness Program|

Your wellness program will only work if employees are participating in it. For many HR personnel, their greatest challenge is to device a sustained employee engagement with their wellness program. […]

10 01, 2019

5 Benefits to Include in your Employee Benefits Plan

By |2018-12-31T02:14:42+00:00January 10th, 2019|Categories: Employee Benefits|

Many businesses rely on ‘group employee benefits’ to provide employee benefits. While there are many companies that provide these kinds of services to their employees, it is important to understand the details of these programs. In a nutshell, there are five basic types of benefits you should consider for your employee benefit package. […]

9 01, 2019

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Employee Benefits

By |2018-12-31T02:06:02+00:00January 9th, 2019|Categories: Employee Benefits|

Artificial intelligence has been largely responsible for shuffling the power balance between corporations around the world, making tech companies that employ such tools and technologies enormously rich while punishing those who still utilize brick and mortar solutions. The bottom line is that AI has made many tasks a lot simpler, including employee benefits.

Employee benefits play a crucial role in recruitment strategies and retention. As a result, companies scale up their offerings compared to salary packages to appeal to the best […]

8 01, 2019

Poor Employee Mental Health and Its Impact on Productivity

By |2018-12-31T02:08:23+00:00January 8th, 2019|Categories: Group Health|

It is no doubt that employees go through several hurdles in their career. Many are unable to find the right work life balance that is crucial to maintaining good mental health. Work related stress is harmful to both productivity and retention which can damage your company’s bottom line. A disgruntled former employee might leave bad reviews later on, which could reflect poorly on prospective candidates looking for employment at your firm. […]

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