Politics in the workplace can be extremely disruptive for any organization. Not only does it stop the organization from working as a unit, but it also creates a workplace culture that is filled with rogue employees fighting it out with each other.

Office politics can come into play because of several reasons. It could be possible because employees are fighting against each other for the next promotion or it could be because of employees undermining each other. Regardless of the reasons, office politics can destroy workplace culture and make the work environment toxic.

With so much diversity in the modern workplace, the human resource department in today’s world is tasked with looking after responsibilities and ensuring that politics is kept away from the workplace. The human resource department plays an important role here as it is responsible for keeping conflicts at bay.

Here, we look at some of the major impacts of office politics on the workplace culture.

Increases Divisiveness

Regardless of whether your office politics originates within the office or in a public space, it can destroy the harmony within your workplace. More often than not your employees allow their differing opinions to get the best of them, which is why it can impair efficiency and create an environment of distrust.

The origination of office politics will lead to an abundance of employees who aren’t working well together and are dead tired of the atmosphere as it is.

Distracts Employees

Office politics is the biggest distraction there is. Other than the constant bickering and the point scoring between employees, politicizing within the workplace will destroy everyone’s mood inside your office premises. As a manager, you would want your employees to have zero distractions in the workplace.

It is a given fact that your employees won’t be able to focus at work when they are discussing politics. Office politics can also lead to a lot of conflicts within the workplace, as people find out what others have said behind their back. This can all get very ugly if you don’t maintain a focused front in your organization.

Creates Feuds

Most importantly, office politics will more often than not lead to feuds between employees. Your employees will go against each other and have a hard time trying to work together when they have such feuds going on between them. You can avoid all of these feuds by taking action immediately whenever you see a feud. Discipline your employees for their behavior as soon as you see them go into a feud.

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