The processes for maintaining employee discipline can vary from organization to organization and in numerous cases from manager to manager. The process you follow to ensure that your employees are in control and are disciplined would be heavily influenced by the kind of organization you are in, and the approach that the management follows in this regard.

While there are numerous federal litigations related to ensuring employee discipline in the workplace, there are also some do’s and don’ts that you should follow at all times.

Here we mention a list of these do’s and don’ts to assist you in your quest of maintaining discipline within the workplace, while ensuring the satisfaction and esteem of all the employees concerned.


Establish Clear Rules

The first step in ensuring proper discipline within the workplace is to establish clear rules for everyone to follow. Without these rules in place, your employees would have a hard time distinguishing between what is acceptable behavior and what is not. However if you do have concrete rules in place, there would be no such qualms associated with the inference of regulations.

Hold Managers Accountable

Managers should be held accountable for the actions of those working directly under them. Managers that are displaying complacency while managing employees should be reminded of the importance of ensuring decorum within the workplace. Without the required accountability in place, your managers wouldn’t feel the need to discipline employees that show poor behavior at the workplace.

Document Every Infraction

Every detail pertaining to disagreements should be recorded down for viewing later down the line. If your employees go wrong when it comes to maintaining discipline within the workplace, you should write every detail pertaining to the matter down, so that you could use the details from this case later down the line.


Assume It Is Solved

The biggest mistake the HR department in an organization can make is to assume that the issue has been solved, without properly reaching a conclusion with the parties involved. Verbal assurances barely work, which is why you should go the depth of the matter before assuming that the issue is resolved and doesn’t require your involvement any more.

Show Favoritism

Favoritism can kill the organizational culture in ways more than one, which is why you have to show a lot of care while handling such disciplinary issues in the organization. Any employee that is favored during disciplinary action would become a case for others to show that kind of behavior down the line, and walk away without any charges.

Take a Hasty Decision

Oftentimes managers can let haste take over their sanity, which is why they end up making hasty decisions that they might regret later down the line. In line with this, you should ensure that the decision you take is well thought out and that you have discussed every detail with those involved within the issue.

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