It is normal for fatigue and boredom to kick in after daily office activities. The best way to rebuild team spirit is to take one day off, collectively, and participate in various activities as a team. This is perfect if you want to foster teamwork and save your team from boredom at the same time. The best part is that team building activities will develop communication skills with your team, create great memories, and provide everyone with brief respite – including you.

1) Ice Skating

Ice skating is the perfect sport that allows all your team members to engage with each other within the limits of their comfort zone and grow relationships. Besides, nothing beats stress and boredom than gliding on a smooth surface. It’s a great opportunity for employees to test their ice skating skills with each other in a friendly manner.

2) Bowling

Bowling is a simple, fulfilled activity that anyone can play. A good idea is to set up teams of four people per alley and spend the entire afternoon hurling balls towards the waiting pins. As the ball rolls down the alley towards the pins, the sight will fill everyone with anticipation, and the results – both good and bad – will delight everyone. Make sure to top off the evening with plenty of food in between games.

3) Rent a Photo Booth

Photo booths are affordable and extremely engaging despite being simple enough. All your employees who get their pictures taken will feel right at home and their presences felt. Photo booths have professional photographers who know how to work with large groups of people, and will make your folks feel at ease.

An alternative would be to split the groups into smaller, more manageable teams to ensure every member has their picture taken.

4) Watch a Movie

Depending on how big your team is, you can take your employees out to watch a movie together. While the same can be accomplished in your meeting or conference room, it won’t feel the same way. You might have to contact your local movie theater and rent out their rooms for a few hours to provide adequate seating space for everyone.

Make sure you provide employees with complimentary popcorn and snacks as they watch the holiday. There are several movie choices, but make sure you ask everyone to weigh in their opinion before deciding the most popular option.

5) Visit an Art Gallery

Many art galleries host corporate events, allowing you to rent their space for a few hours and explore unique artwork. The trick of course, is to go to art galleries with unusual artwork. Different art pieces can serve as great conversation starters, which could be just what you need to promote employees from different departments to interact with each other.

6) Go-Kart Racing

Go Karting offers a unique activity for everyone. For starters, it’s more engaging and exciting than regular old dining. It provides everyone to break away from their norm and do something high risqué for a change. Go-kart racing allows your employees to interact with each other in the least coordinated way, bumping into each other in a fun, cheerful manner.