Not every company has the budget of a Fortune 500 firm.

This doesn’t mean small and medium enterprises can’t offer benefit solutions to make their employees happy. Employee benefits that are centric to employees increase the company productivity in the long run and only require a small capital investment.

Designing employee benefits that your staff will love is a difficult task and requires plenty of research. The plan should cover regular benefits such as paid time off, sick pay, and health care. But there are some ‘uncommon’ benefits that will increase staff retention and reduce turnover.

Here are 6 Uncommon Employee Benefits You Should Offer

Depositing Salaries in Their Account: Instead of giving checks to your employees on the payday, it is more effective to provide them the option of depositing their salary directly into their bank accounts. This saves time for both employee and HR staff and helps staff receive their paycheck faster.

Wellness Program: Prevention is better than cure, and with the rising cost of health care, employee wellness programs have become more important than ever. Both employees and employers can take certain actions to keep their health at optimum levels by participating in wellness programs, such as fitness programs, healthy food, reduced smoking, and stress reduction.

These programs help to reduce employee absenteeism and drastically improve their productivity.

Giving Company Discounts: A common benefit that is overlooked by many employers is company discounts to employees. Even if the company can only afford to give major discounts on a few items, your employees will appreciate them when the need arises for the product or service.

Giving Them Business Cards: Depending on their actual title, some employees might not be in need of business cards. But there is more to business cards than merely circulating an employee’s contact details to clientele. Business cards give your employees an emotional incentive to continue working for the company. When they are burdened with the realization that the company’s prestige depends on their actions, they will become more professional, and in turn, more productive.

Interest Free Education: Many part-time employees or recent graduates have large college debts that could be mentally stressful for them. If the company designs to step in and pick up the tab or even a large percentage of the debt, it will go a long way in securing the employee’s personal loyalty.

Commuting Needs: Try to help your employee meet their commuting expenses. If some workers are travelling from buses, try paying for the expense. If any employee commutes by car, try paying their parking fees. Another great idea is to cover all the fuel costs of transportation to and from the office. This will be one less bill your employees won’t have to worry about.

Confused about developing a comprehensive employee benefits solution for your firm? Perhaps an expert consultation with an experienced professional is all you need. Get in touch with benefits consultants at JS Benefits Group and increase your employee’s loyalty.