Creating A Wellness Program? Ask Yourself These Questions

Corporate wellness programs continue to be the primary focus for many organizations in the country. Research shows that the corporate wellness industry in the US stands at $8 billion industry and is expected to increase 7.8 percent by 2021.


Corporate wellness programs offer benefits for both employers and employees. Organizations are investing in wellness programs as they help attract and sustain top talent. On the other hand, several research studies indicate that wellness programs play an integral role in improving employees’ health and well-being, reduce absenteeism and enhance productivity.

However, without proper planning and preparation, implementing a wellness program for your staff could lead to a financial disaster.

Therefore, it is crucial to reflect upon these factors before planning and implementing a wellness program for your organization:


What are your business goals and objectives?

Why do you want to implement a wellness program? Knowing your goals and objectives will make it easier to create a wellness program that best suits the needs of your employees. Goal setting is also crucial to measure the success of your wellness program over a period of time.

When defining your organizational goals, be as specific as you possibly can. For example, do you want to enhance employee engagement rate or reduce the number of sick leave days they take?

What are your employees needs and wants?

Take into account the health needs and wants of your staff. How old are they? People have different health needs and wants at different ages.

Your staff might consist of a mix of young and older adults, which includes singles and parents. Knowing the people you are creating a wellness program for will make it easier to give them something they want.

How will you engage your employees?

To successfully implement the wellness program, you will need to inform your staff about it. Behind every wellness program is an effective communication plan.

This will help your employees better understand their options and how to utilize the wellness program.

As a rule, start building your communication strategy as early as possible. Makes sure you customize the message to your staff’s needs.

It is important to be honest and transparent with your staff. The goal of the communication plan should be to educate and inform your employees about the wellness program and engage and attract them.

Do you need professional support?

Planning, designing and implementing a wellness program is no easy feat. It requires the expertise and knowhow of a reliable third party.

A reputable employee benefits and wellness consultancy firm, such as JS Benefits Group, can simplify and streamline the whole process for you.

JS Benefits Group develops tailor-made employee health benefits and wellness programs for organizations in the Mid-Atlantic.

We have worked with more than 1,200 corporate clients of all sizes. To schedule a meeting, contact us anytime!

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