Dental Insurance Is A Key Component Of Benefit Plans And Overall Wellness

If your company does not offer dental insurance to employees, it’s time to rethink your benefits strategy.

Surveys show that dental and vision insurance tops the list of benefits employees seek. Whether it’s Generation Z employees or baby boomers, everybody takes into consideration dental insurance when considering job prospects.

Last year, MetLife released its 2017 Employee Benefits Trend Study which showed that while traditional benefits hold an importance to senior employees, individuals of all ages (about 70 percent) wanted dental coverage.

The Importance of Dental Coverage

According to the American Academy of Periodontology, more than half of the population of the U.S. struggles with gum disease. It also shows that 64.7 million Americans have at least some form of gum disease.

Further research conducted by Harvard Health Publishing shows that oral diseases can lead to diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and other chronic illnesses.

Studies also show that oral diseases interfere with the work life of an individual, affecting their ability to get or keep a steady job.

Offering dental coverage can help organizations retain employees and help them become more aware of the importance of maintaining oral health.

It also leads to improvement in productivity because employees no longer have to deal with health complications, or worrying about dental coverage. When employees feel healthier and happier, they’re able to work efficiently.

It Helps Build a Connection With Employees

Another perk that is often overlooked is that by providing healthcare to employees, organizations can build a strong relationship with their workforce. An employee that feels valued and appreciated will always be willing to go an extra mile.

How Dental Coverage Works

Most organizations believe that dental insurance is a costly affair. It doesn’t have to be.

Most dental insurance plans have networks of providers and preferred dentists and specialists. Choosing an in-network oral specialist when using a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) can help organizations save costs.

Most dental PPO plans provide dental plans that follow the “100-80-50” rule, which includes:

  • 100 percent of preventive care and cleaning procedures
  • 80 percent of common procedures
  • 50 percent of major dental surgeries

You will need to choose one facilitator or oral specialist to provide effective and efficient dental coverage.

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