Educating Employees About the Importance of Work-Life Balance

Professional and personal success is achieved by maintaining a perfect balance between career and personal life.

In this busy age, it has become very difficult for employees to find balance, which has led to problems like increased turnover rates, disengaged employees, workplace stress, and workplace conflicts.

12 percent of employees leave quit their jobs due to the inability to find work-life balance. Moreover, according to a Gallup survey 53 percent of employees ranked work-life balance and employee wellness an important factor when assessing a job role.

Your employees need to understand that productivity is increased by striking a balance between career and personal life.

Benefits of work-life balance

  • Happy employees breed happy workplace culture.
  • Work-life balance provides control and ownership to employees.
  • A well-managed personal life ensures better employee-employer relationship.
  • Decrease in stress improves productivity and workplace culture.

Companies who promote work-life balance are able to attract more talent pool for their vacancies.

  • Employee retention rate, employee engagement, and employee loyalty is improved.

What can you do to promote work-life balance at your company?

Lead the change

The upper management needs to communicate that finding a balance is essential to prevent early burnout. You can lead by example; leave work on time, promote small and effective break culture, and take time out for personal well-being.

Flexible hours

Employees have a life outside of work; allowing them to schedule their work and personal life as per their convenience increases productivity.

Apart from this, you can also facilitate remote working. By providing this flexibility, you allow employees to manage life and work alongside. But before making these offers, evaluate the job description. If a specific role requires a person to be available at work, then remote working is not viable.

Paid time off (PTO)

You may be offering sick leaves, personal days and paid vacation, but PTO provides employees the liberty to allocate their leaves according to their needs.

Your current leaves allocation may not be of the right combination; employees may want higher number of paid vacation than sick leaves.

By upgrading the traditional leave system, you provide employees the chance to manage their life effectively.

Moreover, make sure that the employee actually uses his paid time off, and does not carry it over for financial gain. You can discourage this behavior by limiting the amount of leaves that can be converted into cash benefits.

Connectivity rules

If managers respond to emails at odd hours, middle management is forced to follow the same practice.

That’s why it’s essential that managers limit their calls and emails to work hours only.

Moreover, when going on vacation, send out an email to inform people about your unavailability. This small yet powerful email will instill that it is OKAY to take time off and relax.

Events and teambuilding

Family events are a great way to interact with employees and their families. This proves to the employees that the company cares about quality family time.

Apart from family events, you can arrange teambuilding activities and outdoor events for employees to relax and interact with their peers. This provides a great interactive opportunity and improves employee engagement.

Designated a relaxing room

Small breaks in-between work can be highly effective; a quiet room with a stocked-up pantry can be allocated at your office for employees to rest after a stressful meeting.

Child care

Employees with kids need to respond to PTM calls and doctor’s appointment in the middle of the day. By allowing them to make emergency visits or work from home when the child is sick, allows considerable balance in employee’s personal life.

In addition to this, daycare centers at work provides mothers the ease of caring for their child and working simultaneously.

Providing a gym

A health and fitness center at a workplace does not only promote healthy lifestyle, but also allow employees to de-stress.

Is your company struggling to strike a perfect balance between work and life? We have the right solution for you.

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