Working in the HR department, you should, at all times, be ready to handle a disgruntled employee who is not able to contain their anger. As a trained HR professional, you should try your best to ensure that the situation is handled perfectly, without aggravating the pain of the employee.

Such sensitive issues, when wrongly handled, can lead to many bigger problems down the line. So, you should take it upon yourself to think of a solution and to pacify the situation. Not sure how to do this? Well, don’t worry because we have all the steps you need to handle an angry employee.

Thank Them for the Feedback

First of all, you should begin with thanking them for their effort and for their feedback. It obviously took them some time, courage, and energy to get to you for their feedback, and you should appreciate it. Whether the thing troubling them is related to another employee or some work pattern, you should let them know that them coming to you is really valuable and courageous of them.

Empathize with Their Situation

An angry employee might obviously sound frustrated and obviously flustered when they come to you. So, you should empathize with their frustration and recognize whatever they are going through. Do not belittle their concerns at any cost, and ensure that they have your support.

You don’t need to draw out a long, extensive conversation here because a simple something like: “I can imagine the frustration you may be going through,” will do. However, be genuine about this; otherwise, you will look and sound patronizing.

Ask for Details and Apologize

Before you take action of any sorts, it is imperative that you list down all the details that relate to the incident. Ask them for all details and appreciate the fact that these details will help you improve your own business processes. Let them also know that only if they provide all the details, can a remedy be placed.

Make sure to apologize for the frustration they have experienced. Don’t make it a quick ‘I’m sorry’. Make it an honest apology for whatever they have gone through.

Take Action and Follow Up

Don’t let the case hang in the to-do list; instead, take the necessary action required of you. Be quick with your action, and remove all hindrances or factors that could be angering the employee. Once you have acted upon the complaint, do follow up with the employee and check if they are satisfied now. The employee will appreciate your concern towards them.

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