A national survey reveals that 95% Americans consider employee benefits before deciding to stay in their current job or opting for a new role.  With the ever-increasing market competition, it is not as easy to attract A-list talent as it used to be. Standard employee benefits are not enough to stand out and get top talent to choose your companies. Its high time employers get creative and think outside of the box to provide unique benefits that attract and retain the best candidates in the market.

While you may be offering a comprehensive insurance plan and a 401k for your employees, in the current marketplace, those perks just won’t cut it. Here are some unique and creative benefits that will ensure a happy and healthy workforce.

On-site Childcare

If most of your employees have young children, it is a good idea to consider setting up a child care facility at work in order to make your employees feel comfortable and free them from parental commitments.


With everything becoming virtual these days, why not transform your business by offering a virtual environment for your workforce? Companies can save many costs related with a physical office and conserve resources by allowing their employees the option to work from home.

Recreational Areas

Employees are bound to get tired working in cubicle farms all day long. Providing comfortable spaces where they can play, rest or chat with colleagues is a surefire way to refresh and rejuvenate their exhausted minds. Investing in such an area will ultimately lead them to be more productive and appreciate the company’s efforts to consider their mental and physical health.

Flexible Schedules

Instead of clocking in at 9am, consider offering flexible timings to your employees. Not will this make their lives easier, it will also make them feel happier and free to choose their work hours.

Care-giver leave

Recent research reveals that when employees take time off to care for sick parents, a spouse or kids, their career suffers. Companies are starting to realize this and offering caregiver leaves in order to facilitate employees when unpleasant situations arise. After all, it isn’t fair to let an employee’s career suffer due to unavoidable family responsibilities.

Textio, a language analytics startup scoured thousands of job descriptions to find which benefits cut hiring times. They discovered that companies who wrote ‘caregiver leaves’ in their benefits package filled jobs 23.5 days faster than those who didn’t.

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