Your employees are a vital part of your organization. To ensure they stick around, you need to offer them an incentive. Many employers think that a pay increase is enough to retain top talent. The reality is that employees want benefits.

Great organizations care about employee wants. They go above and beyond to foster a positive work environment and increase employee engagement, motivation and performance by offering a comprehensive benefits plan.

After creating a benefits plan, an employer or manager must make sure that all employees understand it. This can be a huge challenge in many organizations. Most employers struggle to spread the news about benefits throughout the organizations.

Generally speaking, the bigger the organization, the larger the gap communication. This can make it extremely difficult to inform employees about the benefits plan.

Below are some simple tips to resolve this challenge:

  • Create a written benefits communication plan, which includes the goals and purpose of benefits and how it will improve the lives of employees. Make sure the plan is coherent and clear.
  • You can use different communication channels. This includes email, meetings, presentations, company handbook, notice boards, etc. Ideally, you should pick a channel that employees can access easily. Make things simpler for employees.
  • Communicate your benefits package to employees throughout the year. This includes during the recruitment process, staff meetings and employee appraisals.
  • Maintain a single location, such as a website for employees to access benefits information. The website can include updates about the benefits plan to keep employees in the loop.
  • Appoint a dedicated team to ensure communication takes place smoothly. If an employee has any concerns or feedback, they can consult the team.
  • Give employees some time to familiarize themselves with the benefits package. Furthermore, encourage them to take advantage of the benefits plan. You can also offer fun incentives to employees.
  • Last but not least, spend time on crafting the benefits package. Identifying employee needs is a must. If the benefits plan does not meet employee expectations, it will fail to serve its goal i.e. to engage, motivate and satisfy employees. Remember, employee productivity and retention is connected with package.

Crafting a benefits plan isn’t easy. It takes a great deal of time and effort. However, with JS Benefits Group’s support and assistance, employers can design and implement an effective benefits package in no time!

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