Even though it’s clichéd to say that the progress of any organization depends on the well-being of every staffer, but that’s how it is.  An organization can’t get for a long run if it is not proactively taking care of the physical and mental wellbeing of its workforce. And precisely, this is the reason why employee wellness programs exist.

However, many organizations fail to reap any benefits of employee wellness program because they mess up its implementation. As a result, they end up with a dormant wellness program to which many employees remain oblivious.

Let’s see how you can devise and implement an employee wellness program to make the most of it.

Predefine the Target

You can’t get much out of your wellness program if its foundation is set with vague objectives or worse no objectives at all. There are some targets that you can set before the commencement of the program.

  • The reduction of overall absenteeism due to sick leaves
  • Cutting down the rate of health insurance claims
  • Increase productivity (you can also put a number on it to be more exact)

Having a clear predefined objective helps in steering, modifying and implementing the wellness program in the right direction.

Find a Consensus Among Higher-Ups

It’s a really crucial step in the implementation of any employee wellness program. Many times, any such initiatives are the brainchild of a single executive. And in excitement and a hurry to get results, he/she often implement it without taking every other decision-maker on board. A wellness program that doesn’t have the inclusive support from all those people who matter can’t have the desired take off.

So, before launching any such program, must get every supervisor, department in-charge and director gets behind the idea. It will help in implementing the program in full force and with more effect.

Get Feedback

To implement a wellness program in a better manner, you must grind your own ideas with feedback from employees. An anonymous survey among the staffer can help you in gathering some common ideas that can be integrated into the wellness program in one way or the other.

Incentivize the Plan

It is another important provision for successful implementation of the program. If you have started a smoking cessation program, then reward those who hit the set target. Similarly, a defeat-the-obesity competition with some extrinsic prizes can motivate employees to shed those extra pounds.


No matter how comprehensive your wellness program is and how much potential it has to succeed, you can’t pull it off without having an active communication in place. From getting updates from employees, to keep sending them reminders and tips, you need to make sure wellness program remain abuzz with two-way correspondence.

If you haven’t worked out a wellness program before and not sure where to start, get JS Benefits Group on board. Their experts can help you in devising and implementing a wellness program that will ensure the wellbeing of your employees and protect your business values.