Contrary to popular belief, offering cash is a short-term approach towards improving an employee’s productivity. Considering that employees of today want something more than just mundane cash rewards, you have to think out of the ordinary and give them what they are looking for. So the question is: how to reward employees without giving them cash?

Besides not cutting the task as a good motivator, cash rewards can also end up breaking your budget and ultimately luring you away from the practice of offering rewards.

To align you with modern practices and remind you of the effectiveness of rewards that don’t involve cash, we will be mentioning some non-cash rewards you can follow.

Implement these reward systems in your workplace and benefit from the growing motivation of your employees.

Offer Flexible Hours

Flexible hours are a blessing that workers in today’s day and age seriously crave. Being able to work according to your own routine is something that employees desperately want and would appreciate.

If you think your employees are exceeding expectations, you can motivate them further by giving them the blessing of flexible hours. These flexible hours might look like a liability at first, but they will ultimately work in your favor and get you the revenue streams and the efficiency that you would want in your workplace.

Throw a Pizza Party

Group parties are always on the radar for managers in the contemporary era. Who wouldn’t want to throw a pizza party and have all of the team over to celebrate their progress?

Besides being able to achieve the motivation you require, pizza parties also break the barriers in communication that are usually present within the walls of your workplace.

The employees would be able to communicate in peace with each other and get to know each other better in a comfortable manner.

Recognize Hard Working Employees

Recognition is something that employees in this modern era crave. Besides wanting to get financial rewards, employees also want their name to be mentioned across the office for their superior performance.

In a bid to give them the recognition they deserve, you can make a mention of top-performing employees on your website, and also throw a cake party for them in the workplace. Seeing the recognition being given to the top performer, other employees would also want to up their game.

Ultimately, the winner would be you, considering how you’ve been able to get the employees up their game without breaking the bank or your budget.

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