Project Description

Private Exchange.

A Unique Group Health Option

A Private Exchange group health option is not the usual one size fits all model that employers typically offer.  Thus, it allows employees to choose and pay for their own own health plan with pre-taxed dollars (a defined contribution).  Advantages include:

  • The employee can choose a plan that is tailored around his/her needs.  Thus, they reduce risk for the employer.
  • The employee has the advantage of having a personal benefit advisor.  Accordingly, the advisor will assist in selecting a plan and provide educational material on health insurance.
  • Both the employer and employee save money on premiums and taxes.  And, the health benefits are just as good (or better) than a traditional group plan.

How a Private Exchange Works

When compared to traditional group benefits,  most employers will find the private exchange option to be much easier to manage.

First step:  The employer will join the private exchange.  Then, they will select the specific plans they want to make available to their employees.

Second step:  Next, the employer will need to allocate a monthly amount (premium) for each employee who will participate.

Third step:  Lastly, and most importantly, employees will be given online access to select his/her plan of choice.  Accordingly, they will be able to easily manage their benefits online.

Request More Information on a Private Exchange

At JS Benefits Group, we are an HR consulting firm that offers various employee benefits-related services in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. From consultation services, group health insurance quotes to individual insurance, we offer everything under one roof!

We ensure that all specific requirements of organizations and their employees are prioritized when drafting a strategic plan for health and employee welfare coverage. Control benefit costs and give your employees more control over their healthcare plan.

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