Employee wellness programs have gone through a lot of innovation lately, and some of the technology in play here is still extremely new for the HR handling these programs. Modern organizations are learning with the passage of time, and are still gathering knowledge about employee wellness programs and how to handle them.

In their lack of proper experience and guidance, these organizations end up making a few mistakes, which are better avoided. Here we mention some of the common pitfalls of corporate wellness programs that you would be better avoiding in your organization.

Giving Individual Challenges

Employee wellness programs should be more focused on team challenges than on individual challenges. We have come across organizations that had an employee wellness program that required employees to walk a certain number of steps every day. Now, most individuals found ways to cheat the system, and it was only when they started walking over 40 to 50 thousand steps every day that the organization got to know what was happening.

So, instead of giving individual challenges, try to give team challenges that make your team work together, and reduce the chances of foul play whatsoever.

Not Communicating Benefits

Your employee wellness program is of no use to your employees, if you haven’t communicated the due benefits to them. Your employees need to know just how they can benefit from this specific employee wellness program. They need to be told what specifically makes this program perfect for them.

With the right information in their mind, your employees can end up making the correct decisions for their future.

No IT Involvement

All effective employee wellness programs ask for you to involve the IT department as well. The IT department should also be involved as part of this process, and you should ensure that they are on the same page as well. Communicate all the details you have to the IT department and make sure that the tracking details are in line with what you expect.

No Transparency

Well, your employees might not explicitly say it, but they are concerned over how their fitness data is being used. In this day and age of data privacy, your employees expect some transparency from your side. So, it is only justified that you give them this transparency, and reassure them of the fact that their data will not be used for any ulterior motive.

At JS Benefits Group, we can help you identify these common employee wellness program pitfalls and eradicate their presence from your organization. Get in touch with us to know more about what we offer, and how we can help you.