With the idea of the workplace changing and managers looking for a more diverse workforce, the phenomenon of workplace politics is at an increase. Since people from different backgrounds now work under one roof, there is the odd chance of office politics becoming a routine thing inside the workplace.

These disruptive politics inside the office space can be influenced through the diverse opinions that employees have for public policies or through the different prejudices fostered inside the workplace. While some employees may just be distracting one another, others may be up to a lot more by undermining the reputation of others as they compete for a promotion.


Politics spurring from within the workplace can eventually result in a decrease in cooperation and harmony at the workplace. Employees may disregard the opinions of others that they don’t agree with on personal arguments and this will translate into office dealings as well. Ideally, it is said that one should keep their political views away from their office life, but some people are unable to do this, since they cannot stop their political views from disrupting their office behavior. This may result in employees not being able to work together, just because they hold contrasting political views.


While office discussions are promoted by managers, there is a certain extent to how long these discussions should last for. If these discussions just don’t have an end, then they start becoming distractions more than anything else. These discussions and politics may distract the employees from the task at hand, and they won’t be able to report to it in the manner their managers would like them to. Office politics can get really distracting as people discuss stuff like who is favored by whom, and what they are doing to be favored in such a way, among many other things. The best method to follow for remaining focused at the job is to just avoid these conversations as a whole.


Often, in a worst-case scenario, office politics or discussions take the shape of a feud and there are different teams or groups. A workplace that is split into different factions based on contrasting views and politics may exude a very demeaning culture. These feuds should be noticed by good managers during their infancy, so that they are stopped from developing into bigger problems.

Disciplinary Action

It is obvious that the HR soon comes into action when office politics cross the perceived limits and something needs to be done about it. There is a need for disciplinary action in this regard, and managers are eager to step in when things are still under control to resume normal proceedings. In extreme cases, the management may even have to terminate some of the staff.