Organizations nowadays pride themselves on having the same number of opportunities for both genders, but the situation is different at the ground level. From making impromptu decisions in the hiring process, to sometimes assessing job descriptions, organizations can be sexist at times. Here we take a look at some steps that can be undertaken to ensure that your organization negates the impact of gender discrimination and places both genders on the same pedestal.

Job Requirements for Senior Leadership

A rather frightening trend we see in the world of HR and organizations today is that companies show an innate desire to want a male presence at senior leadership roles. Most companies just do this because they follow the lead of other trend setters, while others have genuine barriers of entry for women wanting to opt for senior leadership roles.

Organizations that currently aren’t considering women for leadership roles on important positions seriously need to look over the barriers they have for women wanting to enter these positions. Women should go through the same hiring process as men for senior leadership positions, and the final decision should be on merit.

Women with Families

An organization that preaches gender equality and takes care of its employees is bound to have a vibrant culture full of positive energy. One way to achieve both gender equality and to care for your past and current employees is to reach out to women with families. All women that left an organization because they wanted to give time to start families should be contacted after some time, asking them whether they would like to continue their career from where they left it. This would give a positive perception of your organization to upcoming workers and would also help create a workplace with equal gender opportunities.

Rethinking the Interview Process

Women basically go through a lot of stick during the interview process. They’re asked very complex questions and are even asked personal questions that men might not be asked. An initiative that can be taken towards eradicating the bias from this process is to make the interview process similar for both genders. Ask women the same questions you ask men and you would see how gladly they’re willing to give good answers.

Minimize Gender Pay Gap

The gender pay gap is a growing cause of concern in every organization. Women doing the same work as their male counterparts need to be compensated equally. Employers should have an audit of their payroll to find out whether there is a gap in pay levels and what can be done to decrease it. One way to look at it would be to better the hiring process and have similar criteria for both men and women.