Paid leaves have long been put under considerable debate regarding their usefulness and benefits. The United States is perhaps one of the world’s most major economies that doesn’t federally require organizations to mandate paid leaves for employees looking to spend time with family or who have fallen sick.

Paid leave policies are often considered as an additional expense that businesses often prefer shying away from. This is because this expenditure goes against the biggest motive of profit maximization that most businesses in the United States have. However, organizations can signal a mindset shift by thinking of paid leaves as an investment in employees rather than a cost of sorts.

Researchers who have worked on this subject have mentioned that paid leaves tend to result in higher productivity, greater net savings and an increase in employee morale over the long run. So, while the opportunities might take some time coming up front, you will definitely feel good about these leaves over the future.

Here we discuss some reasons as to why paid leaves can be good for your business:

Greater Productivity  

One of the biggest benefits of providing paid leaves is the promise of greater productivity down the line. Research conducted by the Center for American Progress has mentioned that paid leaves results in a whopping increase of 89 percent in the overall productivity of a business. And, roughly 87 percent of all businesses mentioned having no profit decrease after the provision of a paid leave program.

Having a paid leave can also help employees refresh their mind. If leaves aren’t paid, employees will think twice before going on one, and might end up reaching a burn out of sorts. So, by ensuring paid leaves, employers give employees a chance to refresh their minds and come back with better productivity.

Better Employee Morale

Employee morale is one of the most important factors for employee productivity in the workplace. It is generally believed that employees tend to trust and like organizations that care for them. By ensuring a specified amount of paid leaves during the year, you’re letting your employees know that you care for them, and are standing beside them.

This will boost their morale and will help them put their mind into the workplace.

Better Reputation

The best talent in the world today does a lot of research before eventually changing their organizations. So, if your organization has a reputation for giving paid leaves and caring for employees, prospects would be more than willing to come and work for you. This would ensure that you have the best talent with you, and would broaden the horizons for your organization.

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