The HR landscape is quickly evolving all over the world. In an age of rapid technological change, companies that can adapt to the changes and develop strategies for faster processes by leveraging advanced tech tools will see massive growth and improvement in their HR operations.

2017 was a great year for recruitment as people analytics hit the scene and improved many HR processes. This year promises many HR transformations that are set to shape offices and teams.

Let’s take a look at 3 of the most impactful HR trends to take over companies in 2018.

Employee Experience

While we’ve seen great interest from companies in regards to improving employee engagement at firms, this year sees the focus shifting toward a better employee experience.

With many firms targeting millennials and young professionals, employers are placing more importance on providing employees with a more enjoyable experience.

This new trend will focus on three key aspects: performance management, engagement and workplace culture. Companies are predicted to emulate the efforts they put into improving customer experience for employees instead and gear for a more holistic and customized employee experience.

Digitalize HR

By harnessing the power of AI and machine learning software programs and tools, HR departments are gearing toward lowering costs, decereasing hiring times and selecting employees who are the best fit for the organization.

The digitization of HR extends beyond purchasing digital products. HR departments themselves need to go digital to reap the full benefits of technology.  Ingenious tools such as HR In Your Pocket, is a mobile app that lets employees track leaves, make claims, track benefits and make HR-related queries from their phones.

Blind Hiring

This revolutionary initiative in HR seeks to eliminate unconscious biases by excluding personal data of candidates during the entire recruitment process. Information such as age, location, age, ethnicity, etc is erased from the database presented to hiring managers.

This ensures that a candidate is hired purely on achievements and abilities. Blind hiring is quickly growing roots in different countries. Canada’s blind hiring initiative, even removes candidate’s names from applications. With the sole aim of promoting gender and ethnic equality at office, blind hiring may just become the next big thing in recruitment.

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