It’s fun to have extra benefits, whether that includes a complimentary gift, discounted service, or work related incentives. The idea is to make people feel valued and appreciated so they keep doing what they’re doing. Employee benefits are no different when it comes to winning worker loyalty. Employers are able to increase their bottom line, and employees can walk away with extra benefits – it’s a win win. But will just about any benefits do?

To save administrative costs and daily expenditure, it is common for companies to cut corners by repackaging glorified gimmicks as employee benefits. As a result, job satisfaction has been dropping over the past few years. Poor execution and lack of proper infrastructure are a few reasons why even the good benefits fail to win employees over.

Here are a few employee benefits that aren’t considered valuable enough by the overwhelming majority of the workforce.

1. Unproductive Corporate Wellness Programs

Most corporate wellness programs show no results whatsoever. They remain underutilized by workers because their employers don’t dedicate enough resources to create efficient programs and structures. As a result, most workers are unable to make healthy decisions and are at an increased risk of exposing themselves to poor health. Employers can change this by providing gym memberships, voluntary disease specific programs and incentivized wellness programs.

2. Employee Discount Programs

No one likes purchasing a product that they sell to clients as a full time job! Especially at a discount, that is an insult to injury. Employees don’t usually want these discounts and deals because chances are they already have access to the product or service.

3. Unlimited Vacation

Sounds promising to take unlimited time off. But the term ‘unlimited vacation’ is like a double edged sword because most employees tend not to avail it. This is because of the existing corporate culture that is imposed on them, commitments made to peers and customers. They can’t just take off and come back at their chosen time. But here’s the biggest red herring to unlimited vacations… they’re conveniently at the manager’s discretion. So unlimited vacation is not all its cracked up to be.

4) The Hip Hop Fun Culture

There’s no such thing as a fun work culture. At a certain point all those frat parties will start losing their novelty factor. Besides, the more serious workforce, or the ‘cream of the crop’ as they’re called, aren’t down with the quirks of a casual ‘fun’ office environment. Their qualifications are suited to a better place anyway. Furthermore, it doesn’t leave a good lasting impression on clients, who want to work with serious companies instead.

5) Employee of the Month Awards

Employee of the month is less about making the highest performer feel special, and more about making the rest of the workforce feel insecure about their skillset. It’s a surefire way of demotivating people who may start feeling undervalued. There is a much better way to go about recognizing employees for their hard work, and that has less to do with elaborate parties or weird titles.

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