One of the biggest misconceptions employers have is that by offering a good salary package, they can convince employees to stay.

But is that really the case? Is a good salary package the answer to the problem? More and more businesses are now shifting towards offering employee benefits instead.

How has offering employee benefits changed the outlook of employees, especially Millennials, when it comes to staying at their current workplace?

It Shows You Care

One of the biggest concerns employees have is that they feel employers don’t care about their wellbeing and comfort. By offering different types of benefits, employers can show that they value their employees.

For example: if your company offers free transportation, it’ll show that you care about the employees who travel using public transportation every day. It shows that you care about their comfort while traveling and want them to save costs and their valuable time.

Attract Potential Candidates

Another perk to offering employee benefits is that you’ll be able to attract more talent. You’ll appeal to every kind of employee, depending on the type of benefits you offer.

In addition, appealing to Millennials has become tough for organizations. Surveys show that 40 percent of Millennials leave their jobs within 2 years.

By offering them services and benefits that appeal to them, you can increase the chances of retaining your employees.

A Benefit for Every Type of Employee

If you have employees of all ages working under you, you know it can be difficult catering to their individualistic needs. When you offer an open enrolment program, you allow your employees the freedom to choose the types of benefits they want.

It can be a wellness program or health insurance. When your employees have the freedom to choose, they’ll feel empowered.

For example: older employees will choose a certain type of health insurance whereas, Millennials might want to go for something else.


The right type of employee benefits can help you retain employees. Not only does it show you care, it shows that you appreciate and value them. It shows that all of your employees are valuable to you.

But when it comes to offering employee benefits, don’t go with just about any firm. Go with a firm that understands the individualistic needs of your employees and organization.

Go with a firm that offers a great benefits program and can design impeccable HR policies for your organization.

This is where JS Benefits Group comes in.

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