Every person is unique in their own way. They have different personalities and characteristics, molded by work, family, and personal relationships. Every person responds to external stimuli in their own different way. So there really isn’t any guaranteed litmus test that helps identify signs of stress among employees. The best thing you can do as an employer is to spot certain telltale signs that your employees are under stress.

Understanding Stress and why Addressing it is Important

A person’s mind becomes more stressed in response to external pressure. Anxiety is a symptom of being stressed. So before we can start rooting out the problem, we have to first acknowledge it. Let’s start by acknowledging stress and anxiety. If high levels of stress go on without any checks and balances, they will knock out a person’s motivation, tarnish loyalty to the company, and even affect their immune systems.

Below are a few signs that your employees could be depressed.

1) No Signs of Laughter

While most employees are not comfortable striking up casual conversations with their boss, but take a cursory glance at the office to see if they converse with each other. Do people ‘hang out’ in common spaces? Is there laughter when they sit together? Do they eat food together? All these social behaviors measure how comfortable employees are with each other.

When they have a sense of belonging in the workplace, it leads to healthier discussions, better ideas, and in turn, happier employees. If this critical team dynamic is missing from your employees, it could mean your workforce is still struggling to get off the ground.

2) Falling Productivity Levels

Happiness is directly tied to productivity. Studies have shown that happier employees are generally more productive. Positive emotions make a person happier and energize them to become more productive. The worst thing a boss could do during instances of falling productivity levels is to accuse their employee of being lazy and inefficient. Instead, it is more important to recognize that this is a sign of greater symptoms of unhappiness and stress that should be addressed before it’s too late.

3) Increased Turnover

No one likes spending long periods of time at a place where they’re not happy enough, they will leave if leaving is the only option on the table. The paycheck and employee benefits are simply not worth it anymore. It is definitely worth your while to keep track of who is leaving and why. If one of your departments is experiencing a significant rate of turnover, it’s time to do some investigation.

4) Low Attendance

An increase in availing sick days is a sign of a more concerning problem than the flu. Doctors now acknowledge that stress can trigger a slew of health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure. Stress also disrupts a person’s sleep, causes gastrointestinal problems, and increases headaches. If your employees are calling in sick, it could be a sign that you’re not doing enough to keep the organization happier, as a whole.

If your employees are experiencing stress, then it’s time to help them get through their problems. At JS Benefits Group, we can help you identify the underlying causes of stress and help your workforce become healthier.