Employee satisfaction is of paramount importance for organizations nowadays. Companies in today’s world treat employees as assets that will only give their best when they are well-oiled and are given the environment and the satisfaction they deserve. In consideration of this, most of these organizations have numerous plans in place to make employees feel better.

Here are some of them:

Managers That Care about People

More than 60 percent of all disgruntled employees don’t leave the organization, but they leave the manager. A poor manager who does not take care of all employees, and does not factor in for their needs, can be a cause of major disappointments within the workplace. This makes for a contagious office space, where employees don’t feel motivated enough to give their all.

On the flipside, a manager that recognizes the needs of his/her employees and cares for them would make all employees feel better. What’s better than having your manager look after you and understand whatever implications that you’re going through? Such managers often bring the best out of people and foster a brilliant company culture, which eventually leads towards a companywide policy.

No Obstacles in Employees’ Path

Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, advocates for an approach known as ‘compassionate management.’ Based on this approach, managers play the role of removing ‘boulders from the chest’ of all employees and alleviating their sufferings. In other words, the top-tier management of the organization and the HR department need to show basic empathy. There are always certain hindrances stopping employees from giving their best.

Organizations that acknowledge these issues and give their employees a pat on the back tend to have generally happier and more satisfied employees than others. Compassionate management goes a long way in appeasing employees.

Humor and Fun

Humor and fun within the work place act as a great way to retain employees and make them feel better at work. Now, working a 9 to 5 job is often considered a boring thing, but with the right amount of humor and fun in your job, you can make your workplace more desirable and bearable. Employees hate when they are guarded by strict regulations that literally violate their freedom. So, just back off for a while, and let the employees make companionship, have a bit of humor, and most importantly work together in harmony.

Company Benefits

We surely can’t make a list of things that make employees happy, without actually mentioning employee benefits, right? Employees love benefits, in whatever form they come. So, companies that give employees the desired benefits would reap the rewards they want.

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