In this modern workplace environment, we can all agree that employers don’t happen to have the best perception of their employees. The common perception is that employees don’t share the same aims as them, which is why they won’t work the hours they would want them to work.

Here we plan on debunking these myths, along with looking into why employers feel this way about their employees:

Money is the Sole Motivator

Well, yeah money motivates everyone. Not only does money pay the bills, but it also covers groceries and gathers finances for the Hawaiian vacation.

But for employers to believe that money is the sole motivation for their employees is a bit uncalled for. Employees believe that their workers are only here for the pay, and that they can stress them out as much as they want at work, if they are being paid well.

This misconception cannot be further from the truth, because we have seen numerous employees leave organizations, because the work environment wasn’t at par with their expectations. Employees can take the decision to leave an organization if the environment is toxic, and even if the pay they are getting is high.

Employees Want a Hands-Off Boss

Well, most managers think this is extremely convenient. They can manage workers without stepping out of their office. And, isn’t this just what the employees want? A boss that keeps his/her hands off their business and remains to themselves!

While employees don’t appreciate a boss that meddles in every breath they take at the workplace, they would want some semblance of control to remain intact. They would want their boss to be present and to ensure that they are being productive with their work.

A good boss should know just how to micromanage stuff. The key here is to micromanage your employees, without making them feel like they are being observed over observed. Your employees would almost always react favorably to being assisted with the work they are doing. Don’t let them feel like what you are doing is not in their cumulative good.

Employees Don’t Care About the Company

Employers have always fostered the perception that the employees in their firm just don’t care about the cumulative goals of the organization and are hell bent on achieving their own. This is a flawed perception as the employees around you have an eye on the cumulative goals of the company they are working in as well.

At JS Benefits Group, we can help you identify these misconceptions and eradicate their presence from your organization. Get in touch with us to know more about what we offer, and how we can help you.