In the third quarter of 2018 the US economy grew by 3.5 percent, a major contributor of which was the real estate industry, which has itself grown considerably and continues to grow. The bottom line is that the real estate is going to be in some real trouble given it does not pump in new employees into its ranks.

And where there are employees, there is the competition involved: since the real estate industry is so big and as promising as it is today, there is going to be no dearth of real estate firms with vacancies. As so rarely is known to happen, the people applying for these positions have the chance to pick and choose.

The Competition is Indeed Tough

The demand for employees has far surpassed the need, and in the real estate industry it’s all about the early bird: the better decisions you make and the better policies you offer, the more likely you are to rope in well-educated and promising employees.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not so much the figure you offer in their salaries as it is the perks and benefits which go along with it that seal the deal. Offer them employee benefits to good to turn down, and you’ll have a pool of professional personnel at your door soon enough.

In other words: make them an offer they cannot refuse.

This blog will shed light on some of the ways in which an employee benefit program can be manipulated to the extent where it becomes a major reason behind a candidate’s choice to join your firm.

Health Insurance

One of the first things an employee looks for in a job is health insurance, and all that comes with it. A surefire way to make your candidates flock to you, the right employee health benefit program can help seal the deal. Make sure you explain the details of the program to your candidate completely and offer constant support along the way. Have a person ready who can answer any questions they might ask, and provide a summary or a flowchart if possible.

Wellness Programs

It is no secret that overworking an employee can have drastic results, ranging from depression and anxiety to even death. And unless yours is a firm that employees zombies, dead men tell no tales, neither do they do any work.

But the same goes for stressed out employees, whose work begins to show signs of disinterestedness and impartiality. If they’re not putting their best efforts into their work whilst having a record of being a star employee, they might be overworked. Extended periods of work often put strain on an individual and the monotony which comes with it too is responsible for a lackluster disposition in employees.

An annual wellness day on which the company closes down is a great way to show your employees that you care, and having a representative in place that observes and interacts with employees to look for signs of overworking help.

Weird Flex(ibility), But Okay

Real estate firms run on an underlining sense of not knowing: it’s never known when a deal is going to be made. This in turn allows these firms to operate in a manner truly unique: they can use telecommunication or other options which allow them to work from far away. The employees when given the chance to work flexibly will be naturally more dedicated and will work more willingly.

Train Them

Training them is also helping, especially since in the real estate the regulations keep undergoing a constant flux. Group coaching or individual sessions, both will make the employee better acquainted with your work—plus, it’s an added benefit!

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