It is part of an employee’s job to make multiple decisions while working—most of these decisions are related to matters of the business, but there are some which are more personal to the employees. Decisions, the likes of which concern employee benefit programs. While there are studies which prove how important employee benefits programs are, there is little thought given to how well the phenomenon is actually explained to the employees.

What is an Employee Benefits Program?

Many companies offer their employees benefits, which vary from one company to the other. A typical employee benefits program usually includes but isn’t necessarily limited to various types of insurances (medical and disability), retirement plans, assistance in education, etc.

The problem with an employee benefits program is that in the event that they are not completely understood, they might end up making the wrong decisions. For instance, if an employee does not understand a health insurance benefits policy properly and still chooses to enroll, they’re in for a nasty surprise when they have to see a doctor.

What Can Go Wrong

In the event that an employee gets a shock from the consequences of a benefits policy which they did not understand in the first place, a number of complications might be in order: ranging from anger and frustration to disillusionment and disinterestedness in work. They might end up feeling “cheated” even when the only fault is their own.

Which is exactly why proper guidance in terms of benefits programs is so essential: they help the employees steer correctly and choose the right options only after there is no space left for misinformation. Additionally, there is the peace of mind which comes with having full knowledge of something, leading to a workforce which is perfectly satisfied with the proceedings.

In this blog you will find some tips on how to guide your employees through the benefits programs which you are offering.

Teach Them to Calculate

Of course they know how to compute and work with numbers, and yet so many employees dismiss the idea that they need to calculate just what they’ll be getting when they finally decide to avail said benefits. Ask them vital questions which affect their decision making at the core, such as: How much do I need?

Ask them to compare different medical plans according to their needs. Additionally, you can provide them with flowcharts which will elucidate, quite clearly, what is entailed in the benefits program.

Give Them Summaries

Not every person will have the stamina needed to digest the highly technical language of a benefits policy, and its sheer length might discourage them from proceeding to read. Providing your employees with a simply written and printed summary can take care of this problem.



Have a portal or a platform ready which could be easily accessed by employees when they need to find about their benefits.


Have a heart-to-heart with them, especially before they decide to enroll for the program. Nothing beats a vis-à-vis, no matter how advanced your technology is.

A Call Center

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a full-fledged call center, it could instead simply be one person or two assigned the task of answering any questions that an employee might come asking. Many find themselves second guessing and wanting to go over some key detail at the eleventh hour.

Provide Constant Support

What matters at the end of the day is that you’d been providing constant support for as long as the process was running. Not only will your decision help them make better decisions but will also make them feel that that they’re backed by someone, and are not left stranded to deal with the program.

In addition to helping you reiterate your strategy, it will also make you more of a respectable figure in the eyes of your employees. By backing them, you show that you care for them.

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