Potential employees are increasingly placing an utmost importance on the benefits package being offered to them at a company. If you are looking to hire talented young individuals you would have to forgo your traditional set of employee benefits package.

Millenials want more than just a salary and a basic retirement and health insurance package. They want to feel a connection to the company they are working at. The right kind of benefits could help employees get a sense of purpose and be a part of the company culture your employees truly desire.

In-office Pets

Pets are a great way to lower employee stress levels, boost their productivity and attain a greater state of satisfaction and happiness. Allowing employees to bring their pets to the workplace could have a positive impact on their productivity.

Flexible Scheduling

Jobs such as data entry, accounting or content writing can usually be performed at any time of the day. Allowing your employees a little more freedom when it comes to work schedule can give them room to grow on a professional and a personal level.

It will give them a sense of responsibility. Most employees are more productive when they work on their own schedule. Of course, some form of regulation would have to be put in place.

Paid Paternity/Maternity leave

According to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), female employees’ jobs are protected after they give birth. However, these leaves are unpaid. Similarly, very few companies give out paternity leaves.

As a progressive and humane business owner, consider giving employees longer and paid paternity/maternity leaves. So when they come back from their leaves they are not too strained financially and emotionally to not be able to perform well.

Help with College Tuition Repayment

In this day and age, student loans are the second largest debt owed by consumers after mortgages. Many of the potential younger employees are looking for help to pay them off.

While paid holidays and health insurance seem like a good deal, some if not most of the companies are helping their employees pay off their student loans. This has become the hot new employee benefit which attracts and retains new graduates.

Some of the smaller companies have an office pet such as a small cat, owned by the business owner or an employee. It stays in the offices until closing time. This could help lift up employees’ mood.