In order to boost employee participation in the benefits program you need to think about how you are offering these perks or better yet, how you are marketing them. You apply the same principles you use on your customers to sell your products.

Businesses need to market their benefits the same way they market what they are selling. The first step is making people aware of what you are selling. For employees to utilize the benefits they need to know what and how the benefits program is going to help them work better. Here are three efficient ways to market employee benefits.

Know and Understand Your Market

For you to efficiently market their employee benefits they need to truly get inside their employees’ head and understand what they want from the program.

You could conduct interviews and survey that could gather data on why some employees show enthusiasm for participation in the program whereas others choose not to.

The information collected could give you an idea on how to go about marketing your program in a better way. You could also demonstrate an importance of benefits programs to encourage participation.

Diversify Your Strategy

Knowing your employees will help you determine what would work on them. For instance, some employees prefer videos and presentations on program benefits while others may like to read the information at the comfort of their home. The easiest way to market would be to use infomercials.

The infomercials have mastered the art of getting people to do something right away. It is the sense of urgency created by such a marketing strategy that gets the customers out the door into their car and at your business’s door step practically begging you to sell them the product you were advertising immediately.

Employees need awareness about their value. If there is zero awareness, there is no utilization and no return on investment.

The Pitchman

This person is your very own Instagram influencer, your in-house marketing connoisseur. They will make sure they talk up your benefits programs. They act like brand ambassador.

These are the people who know everyone in the office and get other people talking about participating in a new employees’ benefits program. You ask them to write testimonials about the effectiveness of your programs.

They will truly act like the company’s pitchmen. You could give them a ‘test drive’ of your program if they aren’t already using it. This will create a buzz your employees will be talking about for days to come.