Looking at it from the employee’s perspective, the 9-5 shift can be quite taxing, monotonous and boring. Employees tend to find the shift as a harbinger of monotony and find themselves plunging into deep lengths of unknown water.

To ensure that your employees don’t fall down the pits of monotony and hatred for you, you need to give them good enough employee benefits. Now, you can either pick the benefits up from your competition and offer the same run of the mill benefits that they are offering, or you could improvise and make your own benefits.

Building your own benefits can signal numerous benefits for your organization, as you get to give your employees benefits that you deem best for them. These customized benefits will suit them more than doing what’s the norm in the industry.

Don’t let the daunting prospects of building your own employee benefits haunt you from the process, as we have a guide on how to build your own employee benefits here:

Health insurance

This is a crucial benefit that should be on your list. Give your employees the health insurance they need, to make them feel like you respect their health and physical presence. Employees should be made to feel important, so that they don’t go running away to your competitors in the lookout for better employee benefits.

Vacations and Leaves

Obviously, the employees working for you are humans and they wouldn’t be able to service you for 365 days on the trot, without taking a single leave to tend to themselves or to look after an illness.

You need to realize the different needs of your employees and the kind of work they are doing, while crafting these benefits. The arduousness of the work should require a vacation and leaves limit.

Draft these policies while taking the feedback of your employees, as that would make them feel even more valued. Moreover, once you have given these leaves, you can also set up annual encashment on them, to give a significant bonus to employees that have worked hard throughout the year without taking a day off.

Compensation Time/ Overtime pay

Overtime pay has become a norm in the industry. However, if you truly want to win over your employees, you should give them something truly different in the form of compensation time pay. Comp time pay is basically an extra work pay or benefit given to employees that haven’t yet secured the right to an overtime pay. This benefit is usually handed over in the form of extra pay or an extra leave for additional work done.

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