How to Create An Employee Benefits Program In A Multi Generational Workplace

Employee benefit programs are an investment for any organization. They are provided to attract and retain talented and dedicated people who can help you achieve your company goals.

Broadly speaking, employee benefits include medical insurance, life insurance, paid leaves, retirement benefits and more. But, there’s no one-size formula for the kind of benefits a company offers to employees.

Different organizations provide different types of benefits to workers. This is primarily due to the fact the workforce consists of different age demographics. For example, Millennial and Generation X employees want different benefits. People want and need different things at different life stages.

Not to mention, the world of employee benefits keeps changing. From changing costs to regulations, how can employers offer a solid benefits package to a multi generational workplace?

Labor trends

Managing a multi generational workforce is tough. The demands of the workers keep changing.

Keeping an eye on the changing labor trends will help you recognize employees’ needs.

For example, many organizations now offer work-from-home incentive to employees, especially parents juggling work with personal commitments.


It is imperative to provide benefits that give value to employees. Value-based benefits appeal to all generations in an organization.

Examples of value-based benefits include health insurance, life insurance and more.


The success of a benefits plan is dependent on how well employees can resonate to it.

How can you develop a benefits plan that your employees can understand? By asking for and considering their input.

Different generations have different preferences. That is why you need to ask for feedback for building benefits plans. Speak to employees across the entire organization.

When you ask for feedback, it will give you an idea of the kind of benefits employees want. More importantly, this will engage and motivate employees to perform better.

Professional assistance

Creating a benefits plan can be a challenging task. It’s important to consult a professional to do the job well.

However, you need to select a reputable consulting firm that can develop a customized plan for your employees and improve organizational productivity and bottom line.

JS Benefits Group is your go-to employee benefits and wellness consulting company in the Mid-Atlantic region.

JS Benefits Group has over 25 years of experience under its belt. The company designs and implements tailor-made benefits programs for all types of organizations. Get in touch with JS Benefits Group now to learn more about their services.

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