Your recruitment process doesn’t just end at hiring a new recruit. Designing effective policies helps you retain the new candidate for several years. Most employers starting out early would be hard pressed to find suitable employees who share in their company’s vision. It is not an easy task to find great candidates and retain them for the long term. Most people simply move on because they find a better opportunity elsewhere.

At the end of the day, you simply can’t outdo another company if it offers a better salary package or benefits plan. But there are parts of the equation that you can manipulate to work in your favor. Here are a few ways you can improve your recruitment process.

Adding More Detail to Job Postings

Job postings online are different than regular social media postings, and you need to fully elaborate what you expect the professional to do instead of just posting, “professional required for a job”. Many employers leave a bucket list of requirements for the job such as education and prior experience, but fail to inform potential candidates about what they are expected to perform in the first few months of their jobs.

It always helps to discuss in-depth what is expected of likely candidates.

Getting Opinion from Different Employees

What the HR Manager or the CEO has to say about the candidate is important, but just as important is to gain insights from someone else in your business to see if the candidate is a good fit for the company or not. When you gain insights from different professionals in your business, it helps you form a more thorough assessment of the candidate before offering them the job.

In many cases, these professionals will likely have a stronger grasp over what the candidate is required to do and if they really fit the bill. Some businesses provide specialized training to their HR personnel to learn such details about candidates, but if you want to form a more thorough opinion of the person, it is best to ask a seasoned professional.

Testing the Boundaries of Your Candidate

When a candidate states they can ‘do’ something, it is always a good idea to put their claims to the test. If someone claims they are good at Microsoft Office (as most candidates claim they are), then ask them questions specific to the program. If the person claims they are good at programming, ask them to produce small codes.

Making All Candidates Go Through the Same Hiring Process

It is important to ensure that all candidates go through the same hiring process. This includes asking the same questions during interview and conducting the same test. It is okay to personalize the interview process for specific candidates if they make certain claims (such as being proficient in Microsoft Office). To make the hiring process easier, consider deploying a scorecard to account for different areas such as experience, certifications, training, and education to minimize bias and give equal opportunities to everyone.

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