Despite the tech predictions of yesteryear indicating how AI will greatly overtake the business decision-making process, human resource still remains a company’s greatest asset and the key to achieving its business goals. Employees are inclined toward personal growth opportunities rather than monetary benefits and the business of developing HR solutions is booming. The global HRM sector is estimated to reach $30 billion at the end of 2025.

In this blog, we take a look at some of the leading HR innovations to come in 2019.

Getting Rid of the 9 to 5

It is estimated that around 50% of the US workforce will either be contractual, freelance, or temporary workers by 2020.

Businesses are coming to terms with the fact that jobs roles are becoming increasing transient and while many view this change with a raised brow, it presents companies with the opportunity to employ skilled workers on a need basis and not be tied with a set of employees who may or may not possess the skills required by the company.

It will also provide the additional benefit of integrating employees whose values and vision align with the company’s culture and goals as well as eliminating the possibility of conflict arising from the traditional hierarchical structure. Advancements in communications have given rise to complex network designs allowing employees and companies to remain in touch.

People Analytics

Research conducted in 2017 indicated a dramatic rise in companies’ attention on people analytics—trust build through 100% transparency and clear communication. What was viewed as a niche practice is utilized by the majority of businesses and organizations. The primary issue with this approach is a lack of understanding of the data and data integrity by managers and executives alike.

2019 seems like a promising year that’ll bring with it an additional level of understanding that previously wasn’t there in the HR industry.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement refers to the level of an employee’s commitment, connection, and involvement with the organization. Nurturing this connection increases the employee’s dedication and productivity leading to an overall organizational growth. The vast majority of employees believe that employee engagement programs will improve the company’s culture but that such initiates are not provided.

HR departments are looking to provide solutions to such an ordeal through career development, training and education, employee recognition, as well as developing programs that revolve around the employee’s wellbeing including mental, physical, and financial.

Factors that improve a company’s bottom line are creating a diverse, engaged, and a physically and mentally fit workforce. Our employee benefits companies in Pennsylvania are some of the most trusted and go-to sources when it comes to providing comprehensive health benefit programs to employees. Contact us today!