As the cost of healthcare increases across the United States, employees are facing growing financial burdens. After a tiring day, employees have to adjust for their healthcare expenses themselves and face financial complications that can hinder their performance at work.

Job seekers and existing employees feel this pressure on their pockets and eventually become de-motivated when they come to work the next day. The question that now arises is whether employers can create a beneficial healthcare program that is both cost-effective and competitive in today’s health care environment? And can a new employee health care strategy benefit not just the employee but also the employer?

The answer to both these questions above is a resounding yes.

Educating Workers

The first step that an employer should take is to educate all workers about a healthcare benefit program and how the changes, when implemented, can have a big impact on their finances throughout the month.

Often times, employees end up barely benefitting from healthcare benefits. Important findings regarding this phenomenon were made during the MidLife’s 2014 Employee Benefits Trends Study. The study found that over 37 percent of all workers strongly agreed that they needed additional assistance to understand the considerations in the healthcare packages offered to them. This included a list of how these benefits could actually help them improve their financial expenditures.

So, it is just not about handing over a healthcare card to your workers, but it is also about helping them use it to their full potential so they don’t neglect its importance.

Benefits of Healthcare

Healthcare benefits can prove to be a handful in ways more than one. Here are some benefits that can be seen through such a program:

Improve Retention

Employees really are happy working within an organization that values their health. So, the last thing they would do is think of leaving such an organization. Hence, retention rates shoot upwards while resignations decrease and employees give their best shot at work.

Improvements in Employee Recruitment

Not only does a healthcare program improve the moral of workers within the organization, but it also helps improve your employee recruitment process. You now have an additional benefit to lure potential talent towards you and make them a part of your organization. These benefits stand out even more if you are the only organization offering them in your industry.

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