It’s important for companies to provide their employees with added benefits to keep them motivated and productive.

However, when these benefits are just gimmicks they fail to trigger the sort of response managers hope for and can be a waste of time and money. They leave employees questioning whether or not their hard work is actually appreciated.

The 2017 Trends in Global Employee Engagement Report found that employee satisfaction was declining globally and that HR executives were struggling to improve workforce morale. Organizations across the world are focusing on increasing profits by cutting costs and often overlook the significance of offering sufficient employee benefits.

From extended vacation times to unwanted discount programs, here are some employee benefits that are nothing more than gimmicks:

Employee of the Month

This tradition has existed for decades now however it doesn’t seem to provide any long-term benefits. The satisfaction of being made Employee of the Month is short-lived and when the same employee has been given the title several times, the ‘honor’ doesn’t seem so special anymore.

Experts have found that it’s more impactful when managers are more spontaneous in their approach. Instead of waiting for the end of the month to award an employee with the title, how about congratulating them in front of their team?

Foosball Tables

It seems that every other firm has set up of a foosball table in some corner of the office for employee downtime. HR executives are under the impression that a foosball table provides staff members with quick breaks during the day. While short breaks are important, they don’t stimulate passion.

Employees desire a sense of purpose in their jobs that foosball tables simply cannot provide.

Long-term Employment

Many recruiters and HR executives feel the need to highlight that the company offers long-term employment. This is great for those looking to remain in the organization for a long time but for someone who gets bored easily, a promise of long-term job security isn’t going to motivate them.

Before coaxing candidates with long-term job employment, take some time to understand if that is what your ideal candidate is looking for. Your research will give you a better idea of the future of the candidate and their time in the company.

A Fun Office Culture

Advertising a fun office culture works great for some companies but not all. For certain kinds of firms, an overly fun and relaxed office culture dilutes the brand image.

At the end of the day, your organization is a business, it needs to win clients by exhibiting professionalism and that can’t happen if the office looks and feels like a frat house.

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