Workplace demographics has experienced a shift in paradigm, which has made communication a big challenge for employers. Companies can’t rely on traditional channels of communication; they’re dealing with 4 different generations.

Passing out brochures or sending mass emails might not be an effective communication strategy to reach out to the younger workforce. You’re dealing with text-savvy and digitally-connected generations (Millennials or Generation Z).

Here is how you can communicate employee benefits program via social media platforms.

Social Media and Employee Benefits

An average person spends approximately 2 hours scrolling through social media forums each day. You’re missing out on a great employee-engagement opportunity here if your company doesn’t have a Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter page. Your employees are already present on these forums; leverage off of the true potential of social media by building an online presence.

Once you’ve created an online presence, share company information in a more engaging and interactive way. Young workforce prefer short posts and videos over long and boring emails.

Although some employees will still expect emails and brochures, this doesn’t mean you should neglect the power of tweets and videos.

Employees can actively engage and participate in the enrollment season, if a company shares reminders and updates of crucial deadlines and health plans documentation. You can even explain complicated retirement plan policies and insurance plans by sharing informative videos. This will educate employees and save you time.

Reading a 10-page document about insurance can be a drag. With help of social media, you can share information in a relatable, accessible, personable and comprehendible manner. Moreover, it’s difficult to keep up with long emails threads. With help of personal messages via Facebook or LinkedIn, you can inform employees about deadlines and submission process.

Sometimes understanding different employee benefits can be difficult for employees. If your company is active over social media, employees can reach out to you even during the holidays, weekends or after office hours.

Social media is an excellent tool to communicate your employee wellness program and your company-wide goals and vision. Use the power of social media effectively to interact with employees on a personal level.

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