Millennials don’t shy away from voicing their opinions and needs. Job candidates today are very firm with what they expect from future employers and employee benefits are one of those things.

While discounted meals, flexible work hours, and better pay are on top of the list, wellness programs are also becoming increasingly popular.

But are wellness programs worth it? How can they help your organization? How can you create an exceptional health advocacy program for your employees?

Improved Work Performance

According to studies, stress/burnout, depression, and disengagement are some of the reasons for absenteeism in the workplace.

According to a report published by the National Institute of Mental Health, depression is the leading cause of employees skipping work. This can also lead to disengagement for some employees, resulting in zero motivation, and difficulty performing at work.

Through a healthy advocacy program, employers can identify which employees need help. By sending such employees for counseling or creating a flexible schedule that works in their favor, organizations can improve productivity in the workplace.

Prevention of Diseases and Ailments

By educating employees about the importance of taking care of their health, organizations can prevent spreading diseases and ailments.

For example: Employee A has the flu but decides to come to work. They’re coughing and wheezing throughout the day, only using their hands to cover their mouth/nose. They then continue to meet clients and coworkers, shaking their hand when greeting them.

The next day Employees B, C, And D come into work with symptoms of the flu.

A health advisor can educate them about the importance of utilizing sick leaves or wearing a mask to work. They can also educate them about wearing gloves or using a handkerchief to cover their mouth when they cough.

Influence Employee Behavior

Employee wellness programs are all about changing employee behavior, attitude, and performance. By educating your workforce to take precautionary measures to improve their health, you can help them improve their performance.

If an employee has a chronic condition or is disabled, a health advisor can help them adjust by teaching them coping methods. They can also educate the rest of the employees about how to treat fellow colleagues with disabilities.

Furthermore, employees will also be taught first aid and what to do in emergency situations.


With the right employee benefits program and health advocacy services, you can help every employee in your organization thrive.

If you’re looking to create an employee benefits program that caters to the needs of your employees, without compromising your organization’s costs, you’ve come to the right place.

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