Do you know we have an employee appreciation? Do you know when it is? Should it matter?

To be extremely honest, employee recognition or appreciation should know no calendar. Your employees, being humans, crave attention and recognition from the higher ups in the organization. And, when they do get that recognition, their happiness and motivation knows no bounds.

Most motivational theorists have also talked about employee recognition in their theories. These theorists believe that if properly implemented, employee recognition can help organizations target some of the major motivational needs among employees. Abraham Maslow, known as a stable authority in psychology and business, has ranked self-esteem needs only second to self-actualization at the top of his pyramid of employee needs.

Recognized Employees Remain Happy

Employees that are recognized at their workplace tend to remain happy the most. Employees that are recognized at their workplace take their feelings home with them and carry the good mood at home and at work the next day.

It is amazing how a little word of praise, or just a gentle pat on the back can have such a lasting impact on the mind of the employee.

Employees also believe that being praised on a regular basis can keep them motivated on the job. Not only do they want to work more, but they also have their mind on the job. This kind of motivation is exactly what is needed of employees going into the future.

Appreciative Leaders Remain Appreciated Leaders

If you are appreciative of your employees, they would repay the favor and remain appreciative of you. Being your ambassadors, you would want your employees to say good things about the organization in the outside world. Now, if you are being nice with your employees, they would surely say the right things and make you proud of them. However, if you aren’t being appreciative of them, they might not be so appreciative of you.

Employees Stick Around When They Are Recognized

Have a high turnover ratio within your organization? Well, you should appreciate and recognize your employees more for that ratio to go down. Your employees will definitely stick with you if they are appreciated and recognized for the work they are doing.

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