Conflicts within the modern workplace are just inevitable. You cannot have a workplace without any conflicts whatsoever, which is why the intelligent approach to follow is to think of conflict management efforts that actually work. Conflict management is an art that managers in this day and age should possess with them. Being well-trained in conflict management can help managers reach conclusions to supposedly troubling issues.

Here, we look at some conflict management strategies that you can implement in your workplace to nip all office conflicts in the bud, before they grow into a nuisance that you wouldn’t want to happen.

Interrupt Conflict with Similar Goals

Well, yeah, employee conflicts do happen. But, even when your employees are in conflict remind them of the organizational goals that you have in place within your workplace. Employees should be reminded of the similar goals they have, and how working in harmony towards these goals might help resolve whatever conflicting points that they share currently.

Facilitate but Let Them Talk

While you can facilitate and mediate the conversations between your employees, you also ought to give them enough free space to talk with each other and to reach a feasible conflict management strategy based on their own best understanding of the issue. The worst you can do here is sabotage the conflict resolution process with your own know-it-all perception, and make matters even worse between the two.

So, do act as a mediator, but do make sure that you are taking their considerations into view while mediating the talks.

Offer Sympathy

Conflicts are part and parcel of the workplace, so don’t look down upon your employees just because they have had a conflict with each other. Lead by showing sympathy towards the conflict and reminding the employees of the possible solutions they have. This would help get all of you on the same page, and would also ensure that the employees don’t consider you as an outsider, and instead think of you as someone who is genuinely concerned with helping them out of their conflict.

Bond Outside of Work

Bonding with employees outside of work always helps. Call all the employees that have been involved in a conflict to a movie night, or for a dinner outside. Take this as an opportunity to get them talking about things other than work, and to find common ground between each other. Maybe they like the same movie or the character, and can start talking about it? Going to the movies will also ensure that they have something other than conflicting interests to talk about at work. Discuss the evening spent with them on the next day at work, and kill the hostility with an air of comfort and friendship.

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