Employee Benefits have come a long way during the last decade and a half. Gone are the days when organizations would go for the employee benefits without much contemplation. Now, organizations want to choose the right employee benefit after due deliberation, and will not compromise on them.

Here we mention the top employee benefits you can incorporate within your organization in 2019. The year is almost halfway through, and now is the time to learn from the initial half to take correct decisions in the latter half.

Implement these proven employee benefits in your organization and reap the rewards of consistency.

Paid Maternity and Paternity Leave

Paid maternity and paternity leave falls in favor of what employees want, as through this method they get exactly the kind of time off they need from the job during the birth of their child.

Netflix leads by example in this case, as it offers paid maternity and paternity leave off to all employees. The company offers up to a year’s leave for full time female employees, with the option to take paid time out whenever they want in the future.

Organizations need to make the birth of a child a lesser liability, and paid maternity and paternity leave are the best way to do so.

Early Off on Fridays

Who isn’t excited to get off early on Friday’s, so that they can get all prepared for the night full of parties? Organizations look for benefits that offer optimal feasibility to clients, but with limited burden on the organization. Early off on Fridays is the best way to give employees just what they need, without putting your organizations under considerable strain.

Travel Stipend

The millennial employee of today just loves traveling. You can fulfill your employees wish to travel, by gifting them a travel stipend that pays for their traveling excursions. With the amount for traveling, your employees will go from place to place, and reduce the burden that comes with working tirelessly.

Additionally, a travel stipend can help keep employees energized within their current job roles. They wouldn’t think of changing jobs and would stay content where they are. This is the right way to go about the job, as this would help you retain your best talent.

Travelling can also make employees feel refreshed after a tiring year, and they can focus on giving more to the organization for the time to come.

You can discuss the best employee benefits for 2019 with JS Group Benefits. We have some of the most learned HR experts with us who can help you devise the right HR policy.