A business, a firm, a company—or a workplace of any sort, does not and cannot exist in a void. They might self identify as sovereign authoritarian monoliths, but the truth is that they’re a heterogeneous edifice: constructed, existing, and functioning because they have under their wings a team of people working for them.

The employees then, are an essential part of any business and their wellbeing is directly related if not directly proportional to the wellbeing of the business. Given that your employees are satisfied and active, your business will prosper. Provided they lack satisfaction and feel unwanted in a workplace, their work will lag behind, will be lax and lackluster, and this in the end hurts your business.

Why is Employee Satisfaction Important?

After all, all an employee does is work for you, right? At the end of the month you hand them a paycheck and tell them to come back the next month for the same. They’re selling you their time and talent, and you’re paying for it. Right?

But wait, there’s more.

In today’s highly competitive business environment, there is no shortage of companies making it big by being “different” or “unique.” In order to beat this tough competition, you need to be just as creative and innovative yourself. And this you can never do unless your employees feel motivated enough.

Keeping employees satisfied is a growing concern today. The policies which run around them, the budgets cut out for benefit programs, and the things an employee of the 21st century might look for in a place of employment shift wildly and greatly affect the corporate landscape.

What Research Has to Say

HUB International conducted a research earlier this year which has been monumental in terms of shedding light on employee satisfaction. About 337 professionals in the field of benefits were part of the study. Each professional came from an organization that had between 50 to 1000 employees. Together the study goes on to show how employee benefits programs are constantly changing and challenging businesses.

Here are the salient points of the conclusions drawn by the research:

Cost Management

From among the professionals present, two-thirds cited cost management as an important priority, and linked it to the decision making process which involved the improvement of employee health and wellness.

Voluntary Benefits

Giving employees a voice and making them feel invested in the process has been positively hailed, and remains a popular strategy among professionals and HR consulting firms. It also helps in giving the employees a boost on their morale, and in turn helps increase productivity.

Long-Term Vision

From among the professionals partaking in the survey, two-thirds said they don’t plan benefit programs for over a year. Planning in the long-term, it seems, is not a favorite and therein lies the rub. It should be taken seriously in terms of recruitment and regulatory policies, since in a long-term program an employee might see opportunity for a bright future. As a result, the employee might stick around for long and remain loyal to the company for an extended period of time.


A diverse workforce has become far more of a priority in the present times than it was ever before. A company that is inclusive is likely to attract a good number of educated graduates, especially Millennials.

Ensuring Maximum Employee Satisfaction

Many companies find that they lack in their HR policies and search for professional assistance, which can help their businesses by helping their employees reach stability. JS Benefits Group is just what you need: an HR firm based in Pennsylvania, we provide services to various companies and have worked with over 30 of the best in the Mid-Atlantic.

We provide employee benefits programs and solutions which are based around the needs of your employees. All this is done without compromising the costs of the organization.

At JS Benefits Group, we help businesses shape out a plan which helps empower their employees and creates a rock-solid, strategic HR policy. Our wellness programs help your employees make well-informed decisions and in turn help them in being more productive.

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