Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems to be the magic word in the world of multinational corporations and booming businesses—for good reason. It’s no secret that AI has made vast technological advancement over the years. Today, employers and employees alike are reaping the benefits.

One of the most useful features AI has developed for all kinds of organizations is HR and recruiting and staffing chatbots.

This support function has become all the more streamlined with chatbots that significantly reduce communication time, manual effort, and a hefty amount in business costs—estimated at around $8 billion by the year 2022.

It’s no wonder that such a large-scale paradigm shift has already occurred with chatbots in the HR department.

Let’s take a look at how HR teams and businesses stand to gain by adopting, developing and using chatbots in HR.

1) Market Your Employer Branding

Oftentimes a recruiting chatbot is the first two-way communication medium a potential employee encounters with an employer. Companies can make an impressive first impression by a using a highly responsive chatbot in the initial screening phase.

The chatbots can even be programmed to answer simple FAQs about basic training and salary brackets allowing HR personnel to tackle more technical queries. This is an effective tactic to help create an approachable and innovative employer brand.

2) Create Candidate Engagement

This works as an extension to marketing your brand as responsive for candidates. Many firms are already making use of chatbots as a communication medium with candidates in the initial phase of the recruitment funnel. Chatbots play a huge role in maintaining a pleasant candidate experience during recruitment, onboarding and new hire training.


Chatbots in HR aren’t only useful for new hires. With this technology, employees enjoy on-demand and real-time interaction and feedback. According to a survey, 2/3rd of HR management believes that employees are more comfortable turning to a chatbot to access the information they want.

3) Streamline Scheduling

Employee scheduling forms a major chunk of a typical list of HR duties and responsibilities. Chatbots enable employees to have a stress-free experience in scheduling vacation time and casual days off without going through the hassle of logging in to their HR software or emailing their managers or HR department.

HR teams too, benefit from this AI feature. Their automated admin-related tasks save time that can be spent on other, more pressing areas.

Among other benefits, AI and automation in HR contributes to a strong employer branding, high employee engagement levels and aids the HR team to do their job efficiently.

The current business trend of adopting chatbots in HR should then cause no hesitation among firms that are yet to adopt this technology.

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