A healthy workplace environment is a worthwhile goal to pursue for any employer. A carefully designed corporate wellness program can do wonders for your employee’s mental and physical health. It also leads to a more productive workforce.

Therefore, a wellness program that is designed by keeping your employee’s needs in mind is sure todeliver maximumbenefits.

Here are the top three features employees want in a corporate wellness program.

Personal Connection

According to SHRM, ‘personal touches’ to a wellness program were desired by 75% of employees. This means that employees demand a program that is specifically designed for them to fulfill their needs.

They also expressed the wish to have these programs delivered by experts and live coaches who can support them and answer their most pressing questions regarding their health.

Being able to emotionally connect with a coach can lead to better results as it gives employees a chance to customize their program according to their schedule and preferences.

Ease Of Use

Convenience plays a big role in determining the success of a wellness program. It’s no wonder that the availability of an in-house gym is one of the most demanded facility.

Having a fitness facility within the office premises provides easy access and is more convenient to use for employees. Plus, the fairly low or free membership encourages more employees to use it.

Mental Health

When you talk about work-related problems, high stress often tops the list. Long-term stress is not only detrimental to an employee’s mental wellbeing; it can also result in high rates of absenteeism due to sicknesses and a fall in productivity.

To curb this wide-spread problem, employees who receive mental help support from their employers are much more likely to participate enthusiastically in wellness programs.

Providing such assistance is an indication to employees that you equally care for their mental health as you do for their physical wellbeing. It is also likely to promote loyalty among employees and view their organization is a positive light.

Deloitte is the torch-bearer for such a benefit. They provide short-term sabbaticals with 40% pay for employees who want to temporarily leave the organization in pursuit of professional or personal advancement.

Going above and beyond for employees will not only keep your existing workforce happy and help keep employee turnover rates low, it will also help attract top talent to your company.

Create A Wellness Program That Boost Productivity

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