Employee benefits come in different shapes and forms, and you don’t necessarily have to splash your budget to get the most out of them. With the different innovations in the benefits that organizations hand out, it is pertinent for you to jump on the bandwagon as well and get the wheel running.

Here we look at some of the most creative employee benefits that you can try out, and how you should incorporate them within your workplace without breaking the bank.

Employee Wellness

Employee wellness is one idea that is part of the consideration for many employees. Not only does an employee wellness program help employees get their bodies in shape, but it allows employers to contribute toward the mental and physical development of their assets.

Employee wellness can be incorporate in many forms, and here we look at some creative ideas:

  • Get a gym membership for your staff members, and give them a certain stipend if they join a gym of their choice. This will ensure a positive work environment.
  • Hand a bike over to your employees so that they can come over on a bike and cycle their way to fitness and work.
  • Buy fitness and health tracking devices for your employees or hand over a discount on their purchase.
  • You should also ensure that your workplace has a friendly and stress-free environment, which isn’t detrimental for the health of your employees.

Employee Recognition

Employee recognition plans recognize the services that employees have put in, and give a certain bonus or benefit on their service. Creative ideas for these include:

  • Reward employees for meeting certain years of service.
  • Gamify the work environment in such a way that you have employee of the month and employee of the year awards
  • Have a quarterly lunch or dinner with the top performers
  • Give a rousing welcome to new hires, so that they are identified immediately

Family Friendly Benefits

Every employee has a family to run, which is why there is no better benefit than the one that benefits both employee and family:

  • Have both maternity and paternity leave for employees
  • Offer in-office daycare for employees with children
  • Allow babysitters within the office, who can tend to children
  • Plan summer vacations for the children of employees, so that you are fostering a general healthy environment within the family
  • Awesome gift packages for new children in the family

You can implement these creative benefits ideas in your workplace, and reap the rewards that are on offer here.

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